Visiting Professor From Japan, Megumi Kojima, Joins the Center for Work and Health

The School of Management and Labor Relations has invited Megumi Kojima, a visiting scholar from Japan, to join the Center for Work and Health. Kojima was recently interviewed by SMLR, during which she discussed her connection to the school and her research.

SMLR:   What led you to pursue Health care-related work?

Megumi Kojima: I was born in a rural area in Japan, and we didn’t have easy access to good, quality basic social services like education and health care while I was growing up.  I was also exposed to the real situation of supply and management in nursing homes through my grandmothers who stayed in both public and private nursing homes for 10 years. Both experiences have made me conduct research about healthcare. I am hoping through my research, the supply and quality of health care services would improve.

SMLR:  What led you to work at SMLR?  Do you have a previous connection?

Megumi Kojima:  I previously met Professor Charles Heckscher in a conference in Said Business School in Oxford and had a chance to discuss the issue of health care in the world with him and others.  When my sabbatical leave coincided with SMLR’s launching of the Center for Work and Health, I was kindly invited to join the center.

SMLR:  What are your goals while working here at SMLR?  Do you have any goals for students?

Megumi Kojima:  My goal is to acquire knowledge on the dynamic state of health care market like Obama Care and write papers that can be adapted in the Japanese public policy-making in the near future. That is because Japan has started deregulation of the health care market, and people are wondering whether deregulation will really have a good impact and lead to better service quality.

SMLR:  Can you please describe your recent research?

Megumi Kojima:  I am conducting qualitative research about the state of the workforce in public and private nursing homes in the USA, and I think that my work at the center would help me to become more productive in my research. Currently I am attending a conference and weekly course related to health care and doing field research while I am studying in the office in the Labor Education Center. I am very glad to meet wonderful professors whose research is related to health care. My research is also expanding. I am also doing collaborative research about Comparison of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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