Labor Studies & Employment Relations

Five-Year Joint Bachelor's/Master's

The School of Management & Labor Relations allows qualified students to complete both a Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and Employment Relations, or a Bachelor of Science in Labor Employment Relationsand a Master of Labor and Employment Relations degree in just five years of full-time study.

A graduate degree increases the marketability of prospective employees and signals to employers your qualifications for future career advancement.  The Master of Labor and Employment Relations combines professional training with intellectual exploration to produce graduates who are thoughtful professionals, informed leaders, and/or researchers grounded in contemporary reality.  Graduates have been prepared for a wide variety of careers, including those in employment relations, state and federal government agencies, human resource management, organizational management, business and finance, marketing and outreach, social and community organizing, among others.  The skills attained with this degree are relevant in all types of organizations; large and small, private and public, for-profit and non-profit.

  Application Information:

  • Complete the online application during your senior year by visiting
  • Submit a personal statement, a copy of your résumé , and three references (preferably Labor Studies faculty members)
  • We will waive the GRE requirement

Labor Studies majors accepted into the program:

  • May waive up to 9 credits of graduate work *
  • Can start their graduate work as undergraduate students by taking up to two graduate-level courses
  • Can complete the Master's program with just one year of full-time study or can expedite completion on a part-time basis


* Course Equivalencies:

The following undergraduate courses may be used to waive the equivalent graduate core requirements:

  • 37:575:314  Collective Bargaining
38:578:560  Collective Bargaining
  • 37:575:315  Employment Law
  • 37:575:340  American Labor Law
Law Core Requirement
  • 37:575:301  Labor and Democracy
  • 37:575:363  Labor and the Global Economy
Institutional Diversity Core Requirement
  • 37:575:303  Black Workers in American Society
  • 37:575:307  Latino Workers in American Society
  • 37:575:309  Working Women in American Society
  • 37:575:365  Disability, Work, and Society
  • 37:575:366  Asian American Workers in a Global Context
Workforce Diversity Core Requirement
  • 37:575:385  Finance for Organizational Leadership
Financial Decisions Core Requirement
  • 37:575:401  Research Methods in Labor Studies
  • 37:575:402  Research, Corporations and Industries
  • 37:575:403  Problem Solving Tools at Work
Research Methods Core Requirement

Other courses may be considered for elective requirements.