Human Resource Management

Pete Springer

Rutgers MHRM Alumni and CHRS Student Research Fellow

There are a number of reasons to choose the MHRM program at Rutgers. For me, it all started with the curriculum. Rutgers' seemed to be a more comprehensive program than many others, focusing on both business and HR issues, while other programs seemed to be focused purely on HR functions. Rutgers also has a great combination of geographic location and job placement opportunities; it sits in the center of a number of large corporations and has amazing connections with employers. My experience here has taught me how to use the lens of HR, just like the finance person would use the lens of finance, in order to understand and plan business strategy. That link between business strategy and HR is what Rutgers does better than anywhere else.

Although I started with the intent of entering the business world with my MHRM degree, I eventually decided to pursue a doctorate. When I was sitting in MHRM classes, I was really engaged by the issues we were talking about and look forward to learning more and eventually teaching and researching in a university setting. Through the CHRS Student Research Fellows Program, I was able to work on a research project dedicated to developing high potential leaders in emerging markets. It was an amazing opportunity to work on high-level research after having only entered the field myself a short time before. If you have the initiative, Rutgers has the support and the resources to let you design your own experience. I don’t know if that’s really possible at any other program.

It’s really an exciting time to be involved in HR research. As the economy transitions from a more production-based economy to a more knowledge-based economy, the value of human capital increases exponentially. It’s a genuine transition point for HR—as it moves from a service delivery function to becoming a valued strategic contributor to the business bottom line. A number of professionals in the field with whom I have spoken have told me that the forward-looking approach and focus of the Rutgers MHRM program is anticipating this transition by about ten years—and building the future leadership of HR.