Human Resource Management

Independent Study & Departmental Honors

Independent Study

Upper-level human resource management majors can apply for independent study credits provided they have completed five (5) human resource management core classes (15 credits) with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Independent study projects typically carry 3 credits.  Additional credits would require approval from the HRM Undergraduate Program Credit Director, Charles H. Fay.  Interested students must first obtain joint approval from the HRM Program Credit Director and a full-time faculty adviser from the Human Resource Management Department.  Students approved for independent study will be required to submit a 15-20 page final paper to be graded by the supervising faculty adviser.

Departmental Honors

To qualify for departmental honors, a student must have completed 90 credits including 15 or more credits in core HRM classes with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher.  After earning 90 credits, qualified students may formally apply to participate in the program through the Director of the SMLR HRM undergraduate programs.  Candidates who are accepted are required to complete a research project under the direction of a tenured member of the HRM faculty, culminating in a 50-70 page honor thesis.  Students participating in the Honors Program will also be required to meet with the Faculty Honors Committee for an oral examination..

An honor thesis typically carries 6 credits.  Students who take advantage of the Department Honors program should not register for more than 4 courses per semester during their senior year.  Planning for the thesis should take place in a student's junior year.   Application must be made before the end of the Spring semester of the student's Junior year.

NOTE:  This program is currently under review and will be altered to include forthcoming honors courses.   It is anticipated the changes to Departmental Honors in HRM will be available on the website for Fall 2014.