Exhibits and Collections

James B. Carey: Labor’s Boy Wonder Exhibition

View over 100 photographs, documents and ephemera commemorating the life and career of of James B. Carey, "Labor's Boy Wonder."


Hilda Worthington Smith Exhibit

This "dream" project outlines the life of Hilda Worthington Smith, beginning with her tenure as Dean of Bryn Mawr, and later, as Director of The Bryn Mawr School for Women Workers. It follows the portion of her distinguished career in labor education, especially as it relates to the Hudson Shore Labor School that she established in her family home in West Park, New York.

History of Labor Education

Eugene McElroy, a library associate, developed this timeline that documents labor education at Rutgers from 1931 to 1981.

Timeline of the School of Management and Labor Relations

Presented on the 60th anniversary of the IMLR is displayed in a draft format as SMLR history is ongoing.

Labor Cartoon by Bill Crawford

Donated by the family of Raleigh Rajoppi, New Jersey Labor Leader

An original piece of cartoon artwork by award-winning cartoonist Bill Crawford has been Labor Cartoondonated to SMLR by the family of New Jersey labor leader Raleigh Rajoppi.

The cartoon artwork, which is a combination of pencil, pen, ink, and wash, humorously depicts a significant event in NJ labor history, the merger of the AFL and CIO in the early 1960s. In Crawford’s hands the merger, which was controversial, becomes a shotgun wedding, with the NJ AFL as the bride, the NJ CIO as the groom, and George Meany holding the shotgun.

The artist, Bill Crawford (1913–1982), was an editorial cartoonist who worked for the Newark News and whose cartoons were distributed to more than 700 daily newspapers during the 1960s and 1970s. He was president of the National Cartoonists Society, won prizes for “Best Editorial Cartoon” four times, and was also known as a sculptor and book illustrator.

According to Joanne Rajoppi, Mr. Rajoppi‘s daughter and Union County Clerk, the cartoon was given to her father as a gift commemorating his distinguished career with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. Mr. Rajoppi, who passed away in 1982, was also a generous supporter of SMLR (the namesake of the Rajoppi Pavilion at the LEC) and the mover behind the drive in which the carpenters union donated the Hutchinson Memorial Forest to Rutgers University. The Crawford cartoon was donated on behalf of the estate of his wife, Edna Rajoppi, who passed away. It can be viewed in the James Carey Library at the Labor Education Center.