Careers in Human Resources and Labor Studies and Employment Relations

Careers in HRM and LSER

A Rutgers SMLR degree or minor gives you many advantages that open up great career opportunities in the fields of human resource management (HRM) and labor studies and employment relations (LSER). In addition, SMLR has developed a network of global organizations that seek out our students for valuable internships and permanent placements. Rutgers SMLR is your steppingstone to a challenging and rewarding career.

A degree or minor in HRM will prepare you to be a strategic HR business partner. Facing stiffer competition in the global marketplace, the role of HRM has undergone a concomitant transformation. Much of the “administrivia” has either been engineered out of the job or has been automated. Some of the HR functions have been distributed to general line managers. As a consequence, there is a need for line managers to broaden their knowledge about how to add value to the organization through effective HR strategies. SMLR will prepare you for these and additional roles in the field of HR.

A degree or minor in LSER can be your springboard to a wide range of career paths and opportunities. Each degree or concentration provides students with a unique set of skills and perspectives that are sought after in a variety of fields. Although, your personal career goals can help you choose which path to take. Professional employment relations career opportunities exist in a variety of settings, including unions, corporations, government, and community organizations. 

  • Gain Skills Recognized Around The World

    Top organizations throughout New Jersey, the nation, and the world recognize that graduates from the Rutgers SMLR possess extraordinary skills, knowledge, and understanding of the strategic importance of human resource management and labor relations to business performance. 

  • Discover Job Placement and Recruitment Opportunities

    Student placement is a very important component of SMLR's career services. Each year, representatives from numerous Fortune 100 and 500 companies travel to SMLR to interview students for positions and internships. Companies that have recently hired SMLR students for jobs and internships include: American Express, AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CWA Local 1037, ExxonMobil, Fashion Institute of Technology, GE, IBM, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, NJ School Boards Association, NJ Regional Joint Board, National Labor Relations Board, North West Hospital, PERC, SEIU Local 1199, Sidoti & Co. LLC, URA/AFT Local 1766, Veterans Affairs Hospital, and Workers United International Union.

  • Access Global Opportunities For International Students 

    Since most U.S. companies are not prepared to sponsor new hires for H1-B status (work authorization for up to six years), there are only limited U.S. job opportunities for international students on F-1 (nonimmigrant student) visas. That is why SMLR will work with international students to help place them in countries where they have work authorization. 

  • Expand Your Career

    As your career continues, your professional choices expand. Successful careers often include life-changing, international experience and involvement in exciting organizational change processes such as mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, and re-engineering.