Paul B.J. Chu Scholarship

Professor Paul B.J. Chu, was an advisor and top level instructor at Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations. He joined the Rutgers faculty as a professor of labor relations and international relations in 1974 and headed the university’s labor studies department until he retired in 1983.

In his honor, his loved ones have created the Paul B.J. Chu student award to honor his legacy as a leader and educator in Labor Studies and Employment Relations.  The scholarship supports an undergraduate student in the Labor Studies and Employment Relations Program based on academic excellence and/or financial need. Applications for the scholarship are accepted in August of each year.Professor Paul B.J. Chu received a B.S. from Oberlin College in Ohio and an M.A. from the University of California at Berkley. He received three honorary Doctor of Philosophy degrees from leading universities in Korea, India and Taiwan.Paul B.J. Chu served in the International Labor Office for 25 years holding various positions of increased responsibility. Professor Chu was also a former member of the U.S. Secretariat for Chinese Defense Supplies and Executive Secretary in Charge of Personnel, with the Chinese Supply Commission in Washington, DC from 1941-1944.

For more information about Paul B.J. Chu or the scholarship please contact, Meera Ananth