Profile: Patrick F. McKay

Professor and Co-Director of the Ph.D. program in Industrial Relations and Human Resources


Professor Patrick McKay received his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron. He is a member of the Academy of Management, Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, American Psychological Association, and the Personnel/Human Resources Research Group (PHRRG).

His primary research interests are the interactive effects of race-ethnicity and organizations’ diversity climates on recruitment outcomes, employee job performance, work attitudes, and retention, as well as organizational-level performance. Related interests include racial-ethnic differences in performance on personnel selection devices and the influence of location characteristics on job choice and turnover decisions.

He has published articles in respected publications such as the Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Education

    Ph.D.,University of Akron

  • Publications

    Avery, D. R., McKay, P. F., Wilson, D. C., Volpone, S. D., & Killham, E. (forthcoming). Does voice go flat? How tenure diminishes the impact of voice. Human Resource Management.

    McKay, P. F., Avery, D. R., & Morris, M. A. (2009). A tale of two climates: Diversity climate from subordinates’ and managers’ perspectives and their role in store unit sales performance. Personnel Psychology, 62, 767-791.

    Wilson, D. C., Moore, D. W., McKay, P. F., & Avery, D. R. (2008). Affirmative action programs for women and minorities: Expressed support affected by question order. Public Opinion Quarterly, 72, 514-522.

  • Expertise

    - Effects of race-ethnicity and organizations’ diversity climates on recruitment outcomes

    - Employee job performance, work attitudes, and retention

    - Organizational-level performance.

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