SMLR's Rutgers Day Events


SMLR's Activites

In 2013, Rutgers SMLR held its activities on Busch campus and welcomed the crowd of 83,000 people who attended the fifth annual event. Thank you to the approximately 25 SMLR students and alumni who graciously volunteered to help promote our school and the students, alumni, and friends who attended! View our photo album on Facebook.

Above: SMLR instructor Carla Katz (farthest right), SMLR student Hitesh Patel (next to Carla), and SMLR alumna Melissa Daniel (third from left, next to Hitesh) quiz attendees on the world of work.
Professor Lisa Schur (farthest right) discusses disability rights with attendees. 
SMLR instructors, staff, students, and alumni all volunteered to help promote the school's many offerings.  
Rebecca Tinkham, SMLR's HRM coordinator (farthest left), explains the human resource management programs to visitors. 

Professor Adrienne Eaton, chair of the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations (farthest right), quizzes attendees on their rights at work. 


SMLR's activities were held in the back yard aread of the Busch Campus Center, located on Busch campus. They included:

  • Kids’ Career Center: & Adult Career Corner: learn where unexpected career paths might take you
  • Know Your Rights at Work: find out about your rights at the workplace
  • Photo Booth - take photos in your SMLR gear!
  • Face painting
  • More!

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About Rutgers Day

In this milestone fifth year, Rutgers Day will continue to offer performances, tours, exhibits, hands-on activities, and perennial favorites like Ag Field Day, the Engineering Open House, and the New Jersey Folk Festival. Come share in our Rutgers pride by exploring the university's research, education, and service.

Families, friends, alumni, and school groups will have access to the creative world of the arts and humanities, the fascinating world of the sciences, and future world of technology.

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