Sergeant Major Anthony Spadaro, Online Learner

Anthony Spadaro is a Sergeant Major in the U.S. Marines located in Southern California. The Labor and Employment Relations (LER) online program is helping him in his pursuit of an undergraduate degree. He recounts his experiences in the program thus far.

Above: Sergeant Major Anthony Spadaro

“My involvement in the LER Program has been a 'force-multiplier' in my organization. Previous to my involvement in the LER program, my view of the outside world (with regards to “labor and employment relations”), was a myopic view. Though well versed in understanding the intricacies of leadership development in the Marine Corps and the Department of Defense (based on 28 years of experience), my understanding of the dynamics of the civilian world was narrow-minded. 

Since my participation over the last year in the LER program, I have grown leaps and bounds in understanding the challenges and processes that are involved in the civilian sector, specifically the varied and multi-faceted approaches one needs to be a successful leader and manager in the field of labor and employment relations. I attribute this newfound knowledge gained from the diverse course load offered to the LER Program student. Perhaps the best part (of the LER Program) is dealing directly with other working professionals and students; this synergy coupled with the mentorship of the professors ensures the student achieves a holistic academic development.

I can say with conviction, my participation in the LER Program has expanded my horizons exponentially both academically and professionally. I have adapted my leadership style based on the information presented in the coursework. I feel I am a more rounded and compassionate leader.  Again, this is directly attributable to my participation in the LER Program.”

For the student considering the LER Program – some keys (and hints) for success:

  • The entire LER staff is extremely understanding and accommodating. The key is to communicate early and often with your Professors (they are understanding – only if you communicate with them).
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!  Your professors are approachable and understanding. You will gain so much more in your experience by communicating. This is the same for your fellow students. Engage, engage, engage. There is a vast pool of seasoned professionals that bring diverse and dynamic ideals to the virtual classroom.
  • The instructors involved in the on-line classes ensure enough involvement (to make it feel like a 'live' classroom)."

~Sergeant Major Anthony Spadaro

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