Laurent Mevs, Online Learner

Laurent Mevs is an IT Manager for a global pharmaceutical company located in Northern New Jersey. The LER online program is helping him in his pursuit of an undergraduate degree. He shares his experiences below. 

"In 2000, I made the tough decision to drop out of college to begin a career in the information technology industry. While I was always hopeful that I would return; years went by and it became more and more difficult to go back. Since then; returning to school was always on my mind. I’ve always felt that I had left a door open and deep inside have had a need to prove to myself that I could finish what I had started. I was surprised at how easy the process was to get back and before I knew it; I was enrolled and taking classes.

Above: Laurent Mevs

Over the years I have made attempts at taking online classes, but they were no match to my college experience at Rutgers. As an IT professional I am extremely impressed at how efficient the school is at guiding me through the learning process. Distance learning can be difficult; however I feel that this program definitely has taken much of this distance away and has made the courses feel like classrooms. I can’t say enough about the professors and of the staff. Throughout this entire process, I have never felt that I was simply a number; my professors have built relationships with me which have made this entire process feel personal. To be able to get such personalized service from a University as big as Rutgers is a blessing. The quality of the education provided is as stellar as the school’s reputation; it’s amazing to see how the lessons learned in school are applying in my life and in the business world.

For a very long time I used my work and other life obligations as an excuse for not going back. I quickly found that making the time for school was easier than I thought. In my line of work I do a whole lot of traveling, and I feel that the LER program gives me the flexibility to make my own schedule. The support provided by the LER staff has made studying from hotel rooms and from my dining room table feel as extensions of the University." ~ Laurent Mevs

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