Team Intelligo United Wins SMLR'S 2nd HRM Case Competition

Above: Team Intelligo United wins the 2nd annual HR case competition

Team Intelligo United won the School of Management and Labor Relations’ 2nd Annual Jim Chelius Case Competition on November 11, 2013. The team, whose members include Dennis Friend, Vidhi Shah, Divya Patibandla and Chelsea Meyers was among the four finalists selected to compete at Dow Jones in Princeton, NJ, where they were judged by the company’s leading executives. As their reward, the winning team members will now have the opportunity to interview for an internship opportunity at the company. Additionally, the winning team won $200, where $50 gift cards were given to each team member.

"The Jim Chelius HR Case Competition gave us a chance to work as a team and polish our presentation skills. The challenge of delivering content in a concise and engaging manner to the judges from Dow Jones was immense, but the experience has strengthened our public speaking abilities," said Vidhi M. Shah.

Sponsored by Dow Jones, the case competition began with two-day event on October 18-19 that brought together approximately 92 HRM undergraduate and graduate students, comprising 22 teams. Each group was tasked with analyzing and proposing solutions to a real-life case consistent of HR challenges. These proposals — from finding appropriate ways to promote talent to staffing diverse organizations — were given during a timed presentation. The finalists were given another case to analyze and present to Dow Jones’ executives.

The finalists included:

1. 1st Runners Up: Team New Direction (Undergraduate)

Above: 1st Runners Up Team New Direction

Above: 2nd Runners Up Graduate Team

Above: 3rd Runners Up Team 4G

·          Robert Gray

·          Claude Richardson

·          Jordan Richardson

·          Janice Lee

 2. 2nd Runners Up: Graduate Team (Graduate)

·          Joe Redlitz

·          Sheena Parimoo

·          Fred Feller

·          Mayank Desai

 3. 3rd Runners Up: Team 4G (Graduate)

·          Yan Bin

·           Xuting Ma

·          Siming Wang

·          Xiyuan Zong

Named after revered, former School of Management and Labor Relations’ professor, Jim Chelius. The Jim Chelius Case Competition was created in 2012 to allow Rutgers HR students to gain experiencein handling industry-related challenges. Students are provided feedback from experts within the HR field, while practicing public speaking and analytical skills. All SMLR HRM students received an award for participating in the competition.

“Just when I was looking for an opportunity to make a final impact during my senior year at Rutgers, I was made aware of the Dow Jones Case Competition. As a team, we were able to identify the strengths that each team member brought to the table and really incorporate those qualities into our presentation. This invaluable experience enforced my bond with other participants in the major and gave me experiences that I can apply to the real world that I will be entering shortly,” said Divya Patibandla.


Congratulations Team Intelligo United!