"Social Change" Class Occupies New Location During Tent State University

Beneath one of the many white tents residing outdoors at Voorhees Mall during the annual Tent State University, approximately 40 undergraduate students explored fundraising strategies in Professor Janice Fine’s course, “Organizing For Social Change.” The class gathered within the event’s makeshift town hall on April 18, 2012 to listen as Professor Fine and Marjorie Fine, veteran fundraiser and principal consultant and trainer at The Linchpin Campaign, lead the training session.

Students in Professor Janice Fine's (farthest left) class, "Organizing for Social Change," learn about fundraising within Tent State University's town hall.

“Along with being highly informed and passionate about your organization, fundraising is very much like organizing because it is fundamentally about relationship building and having good listening skills,” says Professor Fine.

The class was fittingly suited for Tent State University, which aims to have student and community organizations raise awareness about various social justice issues and recruit members during a week-long event. Click here for more information on Professor Fine’s course. Learn more about Tent State University by reading the recent article in The Daily Targum. See additional photos on SMLR's facebook page.