RU POWER Holds An EEOC Panel Discussion On Workplace Issues

On November 8, Rutgers University Promote Overall Worker & Employer Relations (RU POWER) held an Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) panel discussion on employee rights. Ralph Charles, EEOC mediator; Alvin Mallette, EEOC investigator; and David Reinman, an employment lawyer who moderated the panel discussion, were the guest speakers at the event, which brought together more than 60 SMLR students at the Labor Education Center. Students learned about career development opportunities at EEOC, how to prevent workplace discrimination, and the claims process with EEOC.

Above from left: Ralph Charles, EEOC mediator; David Reinman, employment lawyer and panel discussion moderator; and Alvin Mallette, EEOC investigator discuss ways in which EEOC cases are settled.

“There is no perfect company out there. People are going to make mistakes,” said Ralph Charles, who cautioned students. Charles gave advice on how to become a mediator and shared stories about the various ways in which EEOC cases are settled.

Dyaln Onuschak, an undergraduate LSER student who is minoring in HR, was among the attendees. He believes that the event was very informative. He says, “It matched up with a lot of the things we are learning right now. When I’m in management position, I’ll definitely know the right things to do.”

Above: Guest speakers are joined by RU POWER’s president, Heidi Ali (second from right).

RU POWER's goals are to educate and promote general awareness about the numerous factors that encompass the workplace. Main topics included: employees' rights, management skill building, interests of employers, human resources fundamentals and legal aspects of employment. As a Labor and Employment Relations organization, RU POWER is interested in ensuring that future employees and current employees alike are aware of current laws, tools, skills and techniques that will educate on employment laws and enhance management skills at the workplace. Learn more about RU POWER.