• May 01, 2013
    Graduate students in the Leadership in Work Organizations course formed teams and were tasked with analyzing The Model Alliance. While the entire class gave strong presentations, it was Teams 1 and 4 that won the Master’s Leadership Case Competition. Congratulations!
  • April 17, 2013
    The award-winning Rutgers Society of Human Resource Management (RU SHRM) welcomed more than 270 distinguished guests at its 9th annual conference,“The Business of HR,” on March 26. SMLR's future HR leaders and expert HR faculty and staff were brought together with leading HR executives to discuss ways of strengthening HR’s strategic position in business.
  • April 09, 2013
    In response to the growing demand for jobs in the health care industry, New Jersey Health Care Industry Week kicked off its opening ceremony yesterday at the Rutgers Student Center. Rutgers SMLR, New Jersey Health Care Talent Network, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development among others hosted this event is to help students and job seekers learn about health care.
  • April 03, 2013
    Gain current information on health care industry trends and employment options. Get free fitness screenings, network with leading industry professionals, and tour a medical village courtesy of Saint Peter’s University Hospital. This event is free of cost!
  • March 27, 2013
    The opening ceremony of New Jersey Health Care Industry Week will be held on April 8, 2013 at Rutgers Student Center. Attendees will gain current information on health care industry trends and employment options from more than 30 vendors, get free fitness screenings, network with leading industry professionals, and tour a medical village courtesy of Saint Peter’s University Hospital. This event is free of cost.
  • March 25, 2013
    On March 27, 2013, RU SHRM is bringing together more than 200 top executive business leaders, human resource professionals, graduate students, and Rutgers’ expert HR faculty and staff to discuss current issues affecting the field of HR.
  • March 25, 2013
    "Study of the labor process has never been more relevant. The organization of work is rapidly mutating far beyond the package we used to call ‘standard employment,’" says Professor Andrew Ross, keynote speaker at the 31st Annual International Labour Process Conference (ILPC). Approximately 16 different countries were represented by the more than 200 scholars in attendance.
  • March 11, 2013
    On March 18, approximately 200 leading international experts, academic researchers, and policy makers from the world of work will come together to discuss and critically assess developments in employment relations at the International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) at Rutgers University.
  • February 25, 2013
    Boasting dozens of employers and hundreds of attendees, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations held its first schoolwide Career Fair on February 1, 2013 at Livingston Hall. The event brought together leading companies in a variety of industries with approximately 500 SMLR students and alumni seeking employment in human resources and/or labor relations.
  • February 20, 2013
    On February 10, Bao Nguyen, senior vice president of Rutgers Society of Human Resource Management (RUSHRM), won the award for Best Individual Team Member Presentation at the Ohio State HR Invitational Graduate School Case Competition. Nguyen competed as a member of the Rutgers “SMLR Dream Team,” which included fellow HRM students Maham Mukhatar, Monika Navandar, and Kay Sylla.
  • January 31, 2013
    The Center for Women and Work released a new report on New Jersey's Family Leave Insurance Program at age three. They found that despite low public awareness of the program, more than 100,000 claims have been approved, providing working families with needed resources when taking time to bond with a new child or care for a sick family member.
  • January 28, 2013
    Rutgers SMLR Dean Susan J. Schurman joined TheFreshOutlook's panel on January 26, 2013. Dean Schurman drew from her past experience as a bus driver, union president, and human resource director to shed light on the current New York City bus strike. Check out the videos of the panel's discussions.
  • December 20, 2012
    What began a few years ago as a small program offered solely as a minor has significantly grown over the years. The huge interest in Rutgers’ HRM programs appears to follow industry trends.
  • December 20, 2012
    In yet another effort to advance the world of work, Rutgers SMLR welcomed delegates from the People’s Republic of China on November 16 at the Labor Education Center. The group compared and contrasted China’s Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) with New Jersey’ education system.
  • December 07, 2012
    The final round of SMLR's first ever HR Case Competition was held on November 10, 2012. Seven teams of undergraduate and graduate students in the HRM program were tasked with identifying opportunities and solutions to real-life HR issues at the financial services firm and market leader, Morgan Stanley.
  • December 07, 2012
    Approximately 50 students came together at the Livingston Student Center to learn more about studies in one of the fastest growing professions—human resources. Monika Mackow, an HRM alumna ’12, also attended the event and shared insights on her career progression and experiences to date.
  • November 15, 2012
    Desai, a University alumna, co-founded the NYTWA to organize taxi drivers in New York City through media, political and grassroots campaigning with the people to drive their issues to light.
  • November 07, 2012
    Want to make difference in the word after your graduate ... and make a living? Bhairavi Desai, RU ’94, will speak at the LEC on Nov. 14 (for free!). Desai, will discuss issues of women in leadership, work and globalization in the 21st century, the impact of 9/11 on immigrant workers, and the use of ethnic networks to organize for change.
  • November 07, 2012
    We are aware of the incoming storm, and we are still planning to have the Open House. However, we suggest you arrive at 5 pm, as we may want to conclude the Open House earlier based on weather conditions.
  • November 05, 2012
    More than 100 students gathered in the Livingston Student Center on October 12, 2012 to attend Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations’ fall Human Resource Management (HRM) Career Fair. Dressed in professional attire and with résumés in hand, HRM students were invited to meet with recruiters from more than 30 leading companies.