Learning Objectives for Undergraduates

Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department
Demonstrate an understanding of the perspectives, theories, and concepts in the field of labor and employment relations
Social Science goals
h, i, m & n
Apply those concepts, and knowledge of U.S. labor, laws, and work institutions, to understanding contemporary developments in the U.S. and other nations now operating in a global framework
Assess and critique relevant evidence & research findings  
Make an argument about a matter in this field using contemporary and/or historical evidence
Access high-quality historical, qualitative and quantitative evidence or research Cognitive Skills goals y & z
Analyze the degree to which forms of human difference shape a person’s experiences of, and perspectives on, work 21st Century Challenge goal  a
Analyze a contemporary global issue in labor & employment relations from a multidisciplinary perspective 21st Century Challenge goal b
Analyze issues of social justice related to work across local and global contexts 21st Century Challenge goal d
Communicate complex ideas effectively, in standard written English, to a general audience Writing & Communication goal s
Communicate effectively in modes appropriate to labor & employment relations. Writing & Communication goal t
Analyze and synthesize information and ideas from multiple sources to generate new insights Writing & Communication goal v
Formulate, evaluate, and communicate conclusions and inferences from quantitative information about work Quantitive & Formal Reasoning Goal w
Work productively in teams, in social networks, and on an individual basis