Labor Studies & Employment Relations

Joint Labor-Management Programs

Collaborating for a Better Workplace

Each generation of workers and managers faces its own unique challenges at the workplace, challenges that require innovative approaches to change.  The School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) brings labor and management representatives together for training and consulting in collaborative approaches to labor relations and work redesign, joint training in public sector labor relations, and joint forums to discuss important policy and workplace practices. Our joint programs include:

Labor-Management Collaboration Training and Consulting

Rutgers' Department of Labor and Employment Relations faculty include internationally renowned experts in labor-management collaboration who provide consulting, program evaluation and teaching services to support labor-mangement partnerships, employee involvement, work restructuring and interest-based bargaining in a variety of industries.

Past clients include:

♦ Kaiser-Permanente and Coalition of AFL-CIO Unions

♦ PSE&G and IBEW Local 94, OPEIU Local 153, UA Local 855, UWUA Local 601

♦ Genesis nursing homes and SEIU 1199

♦ Bristol-Myers Squibb and USWA Local 8-438

♦ Saturn Corporation (GM) and UAW Local 1853


♦ Lucent Technologies and CWA/IBEW

♦ The U.S. Mint and AFGE

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Reports and Studies

February 2011—The Path to Performance: A Study of High-Performing Unit-Based Teams at Kaiser Permanente, Adrienne Eaton [Download]

October 2010—Creating Union-Management Partnerships to Improve Public School Systems, Professor Saul Rubinstein and John McCarthy [Download]

Public Sector Labor Relations Certificate Program (PERC)

Jointly sponsored by the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) and the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, the Public Sector Labor Relatiions Certificate Program provides practitioners and advocates for employers and workers with high-quality courses that promote conflict resolution and effective collective negotiations. Classes are open to all interested members of the public sector labor-management community.  Participants who complete a total of six courses, including at least two advanced courses, will earn an Achievement Certificate from Rutgers University.  Visit PERC for more information and current course schedule.

NJ Labor-Management Partnership Conference

Each year, the New Jersey Labor-Management Partnership Conference brings together the most experienced, thoughtful, and creative minds in New Jersey labor-management community to share ideas, strategies and concerns in an academic environment where debate is encouraged and nourished.  Out long-term goal is to improve labor-management relations in New Jersey and beyond as the results of the Rutgers Labor-Management Partnership begin to shape professional practice. Click here for more information.

Occupational Training and Education Consortium

With a focus on work environment issues including joing labor management approaches to occupational and environmental health and safety, the Occupational Training and Education Consortium (OTEC) develops grant-funded research and education projects with employers, unions, and community-based groups.  Current projects include:

► the Latino Occupational Safety and Health Initiative (LOSHI), which includes multiple grant-funded health and safety interventions targeting high rish Latino immigrant workers

► the Rutgers Nursing Home Learning Coolaborative which supports long-term care staff, unions, and employers in participatory hands-on projects to strengthen the environment for work and care