Labor Studies & Employment Relations

Internships and Placement


Students without significant work experience are encouraged to pursue internships to improve their employment opportunities upon graduation. Paid and unpaid internships are available both locally and throughout the United States and may be arranged by either the department or the student.

Networking Opportunities for Internships or Placement

Students are also urged to participate in the noncredit workshops, short courses, seminars, and conferences we offer for employees, unionists, and managers—as they give students the opportunity to interact with current practitioners. This not only builds knowledge, but it also builds a network of contacts that may lead to internship and employment opportunities either before or after graduation.


Students interested in positions in the labor movement, in public sector labor relations, in research organizations, or in community organizations take personal initiative in seeking the type of employment they desire. Faculty and staff build on ongoing networks to help students develop their own career.

Placement for corporate labor relations, human resources, organizational change, and other related positions is offered through the School of Management and Labor Relations’ Human Resource Management Department. Students in the MLER program have full opportunities to circulate resumes and interview with on-campus corporate recruiters.


Akhila Naik, Director of Student Services
Labor Studies and Employment Relations
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School of Management and Labor Relations
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Labor majors and minors can add their re´sume´ to the SMLR Career Services website. To register go to Career Services Online (CSO), choose students, and follow the instructions. You will see career opportunities, internships, career fairs, and interview and corporate sessions. This website is only for our major/minor/graduate students.  All Labor students should also register with Career Services. Career Services has recently launched a new, easy-to-use, career posting system titled CareerKnight.  CareerKnight is a new enhanced job posting system; it helps students who are looking for a full-time job, internship, or co-op opportunity. You can view a large number of opportunities and find one that is a perfect match for you! 

Why should you register? It’s free and and you will be able to:

  • Search for job opportunities 24/7
  • Inquire about or apply to jobs online
  • Participate in career fairs and other career events
  • Schedule on-campus interviews
  • Manage multiple re´sume´s, cover letters, and other employment-related documents
  • View job opportunities uniquely matched to your profile