Human Resource Management

Kenneth Weiss

Rutgers MHRM Alumni
Merck – Human Resources

After getting my undergraduate degree in computer science, I went to the Rutgers MHRM program back in the late eighties. The choice was easy for me; Rutgers has always had a great faculty doing great research; it consistently ranks as one of the top programs in the country. After graduating from the program, I went right into Merck through an internship, and I’ve been at Merck for about 17 years. My connection to the program has been renewed in the last five years as the Merck HR recruiting champion to Rutgers MHRM.

Rutgers MHRM students have all the qualities that Merck is looking for in employees; they’re well rounded, strategically focused, versatile, team-oriented, and goal-oriented. Rutgers MHRM graduates just seem to have the ability to come into Merck, make it a career, and be successful. Merck is focused on discovering drugs—which is a long-term proposition—and the development of Rutgers students has followed that long-term concept. There’s a network of people here from Rutgers who have been here 17, 20, 25 years.

Merck is a place with a long-term mission; it’s a big company with a lot of opportunities. And, that lines up with the kind of students Rutgers produces in terms of talent—people who can go the distance, people who are committed. They have a wonderful opportunity when they get into a company like Merck—a company that values rotational experiences, and provides quick exposure to many parts of the business in the first few years. Once they’re here and they see the mission, the opportunity, the exposure, and the development, many of them, myself included, do very well and stay for a long time. It’s a strategic partnership that works well for everyone involved.