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Bill Nobles Fellows Profile

The 2012-2013 Bill Nobles Fellow

Frank Mullins


Past Smiley Fellows

The Smiley Fellow 2010-2011

Jefferson Decker

Past Kelso Fellows

The Louis O. Kelso Fellows 2010-2011

Steve Freeman


Steven Freeman is a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, Center for Organizational Dynamics. He will study the effects of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) adoption and how ESOPs deal with adversity.



Women's Leadership and Advancement

Women’s Leadership and Advancement addresses the needs of working women by studying public policies, conducting research and sponsoring educational programs for students and experienced professionals. The Center for Women and Work and the Institute for Women’s Leadership collaborate to provide programs that will develop women leaders from the college classroom to the boardroom.

Innovative Training & Workforce Development Programs

The Center of Women and Work's (CWW) Innovative Training and Workforce Development Research (ITWD) and Programs conducts research and evaluations on innovative workforce development policies, programs, and solutions. Our research is focused on understanding how to prepare underserved populations to compete in today’s high-skill economy with a particular attention paid to women and non-college educated workers.


Our offerings include research, evaluation and technical assistance services.

Center for Women and Work

What We Do

As part of its multi-faceted research and policy work, The School of Management and Labor Relations' Center for Women and Work (CWW):

Investiture Ceremony

Professor Joseph R. Blasi, Inaugural Holder of the J. Robert Beyster Professorship

On Thursday, February 24, 2011, Joseph R. Blasi, a world-leading authority on employee ownership, was named the inaugural holder of the J. Robert Beyster Professorship of Employee Ownership at Rutgers’ School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR). Please view the following videos to learn more about this professorship. You must have Flash to view each video.