Ph.D. Candidate


Chunyun Li is a Ph.D candidate. Her research interests include collective bargaining, employment relations, organizational behavior and human resource management, and global labor standards. The particular geographic focus of her research is China.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Education

    M.S., Human Resource Management, Rutgers University (2011)

    B.A., Labor and Social Security, Renmin University of China (2009)

  • Publications

    Liu, M. and Li, C. 2012. Environment Pressures, Managerial Industrial Relations Ideologies, and Unionization in the Chinese Enterprises. British Journal of Industrial Relations.

    Liu, M., Li, C., and Kim, S.2011. Chinese Trade Unions in Transition: A three-level analysis, in Sheldon, P., Kim, S., Li, Y., and Warner, M. (eds.), China’s Changing Workplace: Dynamism, diversity, and disparity, London: Routledge.

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Ph.D. Student


She is interested in issues of value fit (person-organization, person-job, and person-person), organizational culture, diversity, motivation, international HR, strategic HR, selection, and training and development. Her master’s thesis was “The effects of value congruence among team members on job satisfaction and organizational commitment.”

Prior to Ph.D. study, she worked for several years as a HR staff and training specialist in Korea.

  • Education

    MBA, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, Seoul National University (2004)

    BA, English Literature, Ewha Womans University (2001)

Ph.D. Student


Sargam Garg is a Ph.D. student at School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University. Her research interests include strategic human resource management and idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) in organizations . She has an MBA, an MS and four years of work experience in Human Resource Management. 

  • Education

    MBA, MS - Major: Human Resource Management 

  • Publications

    Training - Mantra of the new millennium, Human Capital, 4(11), Apr 2001.

    Leadership - Poised for perfection, Human Capital, 4(6), Nov 2000. 

  • Research Initiatives

    Strategic human resource management 
    Idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) in organizations 


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