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Labor and Management Conference

Each year, the New Jersey Labor-Management Partnership Conference brings together the most experienced, thoughtful, and creative minds in New Jersey labor-management community to share ideas, strategies and concerns in an academic environment where debate is encouraged and nourished.  Out long-term goal is to improve labor-management relations in New Jersey and beyond as the results of the Rutgers Labor-Management Partnership begin to shape professional practice.  Past conference topics include:

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Fall 2011 Semester
Labor and Politics in the Building Trades (Group A)

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ELUR Certificate Program Faculty

Employment Law for Union Representatives Certificate Program classes are taught by full-time and adjunct faculty of the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, and experienced legal experts. Each instructor brings an extensive background in consulting and training for labor and management relations, in both the public and private sectors.

Summit on Public Safety and the Fiscal Crisis

Is urban violent crime on the rise due to police layoffs?  Are fire service response times increasing as cities and towns reduce the number of their professional firefighters?  We want to answer these questions and many other important public safety problems.