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The academic and other regulations established by the faculty and administration of the School of Management and Labor Relations and the Board of Governors of the university are subject to amendment at any time.

Questions related to general student rules that fall under the jurisdiction of the School of Management and Labor Relations may be directed to the appropriate program.

It is the responsibility of the student to remain in communication with the director of the program for which he or she is matriculated.

The 36th Annual Northeast Regional Summer School for Union Women

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire


What is the Summer School?

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Stay abreast of the changing job market through graduate certificates. For more information contact:

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Gain a breath of information related to employment, worker's rights, and policy through the Master of Labor and Employment Relations. For more information contact:

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A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment Relations will prepare you for the working world. You can also enhance your studies through our many minors and concentrations. For more information contact:

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2010 Labor Management Conference

Sixth Labor and Management Partnership Conference

Collective Bargaining

Labor and Management Conference

Each year, the New Jersey Labor-Management Partnership Conference brings together the most experienced, thoughtful, and creative minds in New Jersey labor-management community to share ideas, strategies and concerns in an academic environment where debate is encouraged and nourished.  Out long-term goal is to improve labor-management relations in New Jersey and beyond as the results of the Rutgers Labor-Management Partnership begin to shape professional practice.  Past conference topics include:

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Fall 2011 Semester
Labor and Politics in the Building Trades (Group A)