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SHRLC Members

SHRLC corporate members get the chance to interact with the faculty, participate in our fellowship program, attend our management and executive development offerings, meet top HRM students for recruiting opportunities, and network with their corporate counterparts.

Student Research Fellows

SHRLC Student Research Fellows program was created to match top Rutgers Human Resource Management students with senior HR leaders of SHRLC member companies to research specific HR issues confronting their organizations. In this highly competitive program, students get a first-hand, real-world look at the most pressing HR issues of the day, and members receive research assistance from some of the best HRM students at Rutgers University.

Developing Exceptional HR Leaders

The primary focus of the Strategic Human Resource Leadership Council is to develop the talent of HR professionals so that they are able to meet the challenges facing the field in the 21st century. We seek to give current HR leaders the resources they need to help their organizations grow and compete, while training the next generation of HR leaders with skills appropriate to the changing nature of their profession.

Strategic Human Resource Leadership Council

Advancing and shaping the field of HR Management

The Rutgers University Strategic Human Resource Leadership Council (SHRLC) was created to advance and shape the field of Human Resource Management by identifying the competencies required by future HR leaders and designing the curriculum to develop those competencies in the next generation of HR professionals.

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