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Finding Aids to SMLR Archival Collections

The Carey Library houses manuscript collections, papers of significant scholars, labor educators, and labor leaders who have worked at the Insititute for Management and Labor Relations (IMLR) and the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR). Finding Aids (guides) to selected collections are available below. 


1. NJ Assembly Bill, 250-A, 1947

2. Dean Albert E. Meder, "The University Providing Service To The People In An Industrial State," Text of speech delivered to the National University Extension Association, Thirty-third Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, May 2-5, 1948: p.5

3. Alice H. Cook and Agnes M. Douty, Labor Education Outside the Unions (Ithaca, New York: New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, 1958).

History of Labor Education at Rutgers University

The IMLR: Labor Education at Rutgers University, 1931–1981

by Eugene, McElroy, Library Associate
School of Management and Labor Relations

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Online Research Guides

These Subject and Course Guides are designed to help the Human Resource Management and Labor Studies researcher navigate our expanded information world of scholarly and professional books, journals, newspapers, internet sites, and media. You can access additional guides on the RUL Research Guides webpage.

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See especially "Associations," "Research and Resources Centers," and "Special Topics."

Exhibits and Collections

James B. Carey: Labor’s Boy Wonder Exhibition

View over 100 photographs, documents and ephemera commemorating the life and career of of James B. Carey, "Labor's Boy Wonder."


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