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“Projecting Potential Demand for Workers with Disabilities,” Monthly Labor Review, Vol. 133, No. 10, October 2010.  By Douglas Kruse, Lisa Schur, and Mohammed Ali.


“Worksite Segregation and Performance-Related Attitudes,” Work and Occupations, February 2010; vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 45-72.  By Niki Dickerson, Lisa Schur, Douglas Kruse, and Joseph Blasi.


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Carla A. Katz, Esq. is an instructor with the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) at Rutgers University in the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, where she teaches labor studies and labor and employment law. Prior to joining the faculty full-time, Ms. Katz taught at SMLR as a Visiting Lecturer for more than 12 years, teaching courses in Collective Bargaining, Union Organizing, Women and Work and Occupational Safety and Health among others.

The Modern Indentured Servants

June 22, 2011

06/22/2011—The US government currently provides visas for about one million high-skilled foreign workers to work temporarily in the US. These visas, a distinctive sub-category of the wide debate on US immigration policy, raise complex and difficult questions, and from all sides of the debate come strong arguments and answers.

Healthcare Reform That’s Proven To Work

June 13, 2011

06/13/2011—In the contentious Washington debates over healthcare reform, there has been far too little attention paid to what the country desperately needs: evidence-based reforms that can improve healthcare access and outcomes at an affordable cost.

A major new research project proves that such a win-win-win solution is possible. And the study design could have come straight from our own HR field, since it is based on the introduction of a pay-for-performance (P4P) scheme for healthcare professionals that aligns their interests with those of patients.