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MHRM Courses and Learning Objectives

MHRM Courses and Learning Objectives

HRM Undergraduate Courses and Learning Objectives

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Undergraduate HRM Courses and Learning Objectives


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Introduction to HRM



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Human Resource Management

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Paul B.J. Chu Scholarship

Professor Paul B.J. Chu, was an advisor and top level instructor at Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations. He joined the Rutgers faculty as a professor of labor relations and international relations in 1974 and headed the university’s labor studies department until he retired in 1983.

LSER Undergraduate Courses and Learning Objectives

UG Labor Studies Courses and Learning Objectives


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LSER Department Goals for Undergraduate Students

LSER Department Goals for Its Undergraduate Students, Rutgers Core Curriculum Goals, and SMLR Learning Objectives


Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department Goals*

Rutgers Undergraduate Core Curriculum

SMLR Learning Objective

MLER Program and SMLR Learning Objectives


An MLER student will be sure to meet all the SMLR objectives by taking required courses, which together, encompass the seven areas of learning established as important for our students:

SMLR Learning Objectives


Three Core Areas for Success in SMLR

The curriculum in the programs within SMLR focus on different areas (i.e., HRM, LSER) and levels of study (ie. undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D.).  Across these programs, we strive to advance students' cognitive skills and processes, their knowledge of theory and application, and develop their professional skills. Areas include: