Recent Scholarship & Activities

Sometimes you just have to brag about recent scholarship and activities of the Faculty, Centers & Students of the Labor Education Center

Approaching her third year as director of the Carey Library, Donna Schulman decided she wanted the Rutgers and labor Recent scholarship activity of faculty and students at the LECcommunity to know about the broad spectrum of scholarly and public policy activity engaged in by the faculty and staff based at the Labor Education Center. Thus was born the current LEC exhibit on Recent Scholarship & Activities: Faculty, Centers & Students of the LEC.

The exhibit showcases articles, books, reports, journals, and programs written, edited, taught, and developed by LSER faculty, the Center for Women and Work, and associated programs such as NJ Place. The subjects range from the effectiveness of the Kaiser Permanente labor-management partnership (Adrienne Eaton and Saul Rubenstein) to the political participation of people with disabilities (Lisa Schur and Douglas Kruse) to the impact of trucking deregulation on workers in the industry (David Bensman) to black employment and the social organization of labor markets (Niki Dickerson von Lockette) to the changing Chinese labor force (Mingwei Liu).

More exhibit photosYou can see the Briefing Book on the poultry processing industry developed by SMLR students in last spring’s Strategic Research course (taught by Jeff Keefe, Mathias Bolton and Donna Schulman), and issues of International Labor and Working-Class History, edited by Dorothy Sue Cobble, which has made SMLR its institutional home.

Perhaps most interesting are the contributions our faculty and staff have made toward the development of public policy, both in NJ and nationwide. Paula Voos’s Congressional testimony supporting EFCA, Eileen Appelbaum’s compelling case for an economic stimulus package, the Center for Women and Work’s programmatic recommendations to help low-income families in New Jersey, and, most recently, the second National Labor Scorecard helmed by Doug Kruse—these are all concrete ways in which SMLR contributes to informed decision-making by our legislators and public administrators.

Stop and take a look at the Recent Scholarship exhibit the next time you visit the Labor Education Center. And remember that this is just a selection of what our people are doing at the LEC and at Levin.