Profile: Ellen M. Weber

Administrative Assistant, Master in Human Resource Management


Areas of responsibility:

  • Supports the Graduate Director of the program
  • Administrator of the SMLR-CareerKnight and Career Service Management Web sites for job postings, on-campus interview, company presentations and student inquiries
  • Faculty assistance for the SMLR Sakai course website
  • Event coordinator for Career Fair, Orientation, Open House as well as serves on the Convocation Committee
  • Provides administrative support for faculty
  • Coordinates events with the Rutgers University Society of Human Resource Management to include the yearly conference


  • Departments

    Human Resource Management

  • Awards

    -Commander's Award for Public Service
    -Outstanding Civilian Service Medal

  • 848-445-4648
  • School of Management and Labor Relations
    Janice H. Levin Bldg.
    94 Rockafeller Road, Suite 216
    Piscataway, NJ 08854