Education and Career Development

Education and Career Development at CWW focuses on the interactions of gender and experience in education and career development programs, and how these interactions effect career outcomes and advancement. We are particularly interested in girls and women’s experiences studying and working in nontraditional roles and professions, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  


Our offerings include assessment and technical assistance services, including the Career Equity Resource Center (CERC), which promotes greater access and success in high-skill, high-demand careers for secondary and post-secondary students from marginalized populations, including women in nontraditional fields. CERC is fomerly known as the Nontraditional Career Resource Center.   

Projects and Activities

  • Building partnerships and collaborations among the New Jersey Education and Workforce Development communities.
  • Promoting and educating our constituents on equity in high-skill, high-demand occupations within the context of New Jersey’s workforce.  
  • Providing high quality professional development opportunities and technical assistance for educators and administrators, as well as experiential programs for students regarding current equity issues and research, with a focus on gender, race/ethnicity, and socio-economic status.
  • Implementation of research and organizational policy on professional women (e.g., women in law, financial services, and STEM).

Past Projects

  • Nontraditional Career Resource Center (now known as CERC, as described above)
  • Research and outreach for the New Jersey Council on Gender Parity in Labor and Education including:

- Annual Women in Science and Technology Summit
- Women in Law projects (see report below)

  • New Jersey REFLECT Initiative (an evaluation of use of electronic portfolios for assessment in K-12 schools)

Recent Reports

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