SMLR Update May 9, 2011

by Dean David Finegold


GraduationConvocation and Commencement

Our 3 student speakers for the SMLR Convocation will be Zach Lerner, Mary Evans, and Susan Tsai.  Hope you’ll come join us to hear them and share in the celebration on Sunday, May 15, at 7 pm in the College Avenue Gym.  It would also be great to have a strong SMLR turnout for the first-ever all-Rutgers Commencement earlier Sunday at 10 am in the Stadium.  All SMLR attendees will receive a new one-hand clapper noisemaker, a hot item designed specifically for this event.  To rsvp for University Commencment go to  To rsvp for SMLR Convocation go to SMLR RSVP.

Rutgers Day Success: Stop Hunger Now

In partnership with Rutgers Against Hunger, Stop Hunger Now, and the Rutgers Alumni Association, SMLR created the Food Factory at Rutgers Day, where volunteers came together to pack meals for over 40,000 children and their families.  Great fun was had by all on the food assembly line that was a fitting event for the 100th Anniversary of Frederick Taylor's seminal work Scientific Management that provided the blueprint for mass production.  Would like to thank Janice Dilella, Elena Orama, and Alexis Lehman, who did a tremendous job in organizing the event and helping to raise the money for it.  Thanks too to Rutgers Athletics, Kraft Foods, RAA, and a number of local restaurants who provided financial support.  Our goal for next year is to raise enough funds and volunteers to feed 100,000+.  If you'd like to support this cause, dine at On the Border on May 11th (see events) and/or make a donation at: SMLR RAH.  

For more photos and video visit SMLR's Facebook page

New HRM Publication 

Congratulations to Susan Jackson, Randall Schuler, and Ibraiz Tarique for the publication of their chapter Human Resource Management in Context in Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialized Market Economies

Donna Schulman has been elected to be the Social Sciences representative to the RUL Committee on Scholarly Communication for a 2-year term by the RU Libraries Faculty Committee.  This committee is responsible for developing policies, services, and advocacy efforts that facilitate scholarly communication and support the scholarly research process.  We wish Donna well in this new position.

Professor Barbara LeeAlice Paul Equality Award

Professor Barbara Lee was honored, along with 6 other outstanding women leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, by the Alice Paul Institute. The Institute, named for the pioneer in the women’s suffragette movement, provides leadership opportunities for young women.

Privatization Conference

On April 28th and 29th, the LSER faculty, working with In the Public Interest, brought together fifty of the top scholars from the U.S. and Canada working in the broad area of privatization, along with labor researchers and organizers, to reflect on the current state of the field.  An all-star panel that included Elliott Sklar, Mildred Warner, Ellen Dannin, and Jeff Keefe discussed the latest trends in privatization of public services and financialization of assets as well as public/private partnerships.  A new scholars’ network was formed and established working groups in five areas: Contracts and Deals, Financialization, Public Contracts and Budgets, Job Quality, and Alternative Visions.        

Pamela Sue Schmidt Award and Scholarship

I’m very pleased to report that we have already raised over $10,000, that will be matched one-to-one from School reserves, to fund the student award and scholarship we’re creating to honor Pam, a SMLR student who was killed in March.  Fund-raising events included a restaurant night in her home town, a movie night at the LEC, and sale of “Fearless, Selfless, Ambitious” bracelets that describe Pam’s personality.  

New BioPharma Mini-MBA

I taught the kickoff session of a new Mini MBA program for the senior leadership at Regeneron, the most rapidly growing biotech company on the East Coast.  The Tarrytown, NY based company has a very rich drug development pipeline and a successful long-term partnership with Sanofi Aventis; together they plan to launch several new drugs in the coming year.

NCRC Step Up Event a Big Success

The Non-traditional Career Resource Center held its annual Step Up event on Friday night at the Labor Education Center.  Reported Center for Women and Work Director Pat Roos: "I'd like to commend Glenda Gracia-Rivera for her outstanding work.  To fill the auditorium with that many high school and, especially, middle school kids and their parents is amazingly impressive.  The step-up projects they presented on were terrific.  It's so great to see so many young people involved in projects that benefit their community.  This wonderful program, in conjunction with the amazing response rate for the upcoming summer Career Summer Institute, show the incredible strength of the NCRC brand moving forward.  Thanks as well to Suzanne, Terri, Stephanie, and all those who worked so hard to make the evening a success (and the food so good!).  I was very proud of CWW!"

Spring faculty meeting and teaching workshop

Our Spring faculty meeting featured an excellent discussion, led by Gary Gigliotti, Director of the Center for Teaching Advances and Assessment Research, who shared the latest developments at Rutgers and nationally on ways of measuring student learning and using new technologies in the classroom.  This was followed up by a teaching workshop, organized by Stan Gully, that included presentations on new learning technologies by: Eric Greenberg, on the Mini MBA in Digital Marketing that is taught entirely on the iPad; Rich Novak on online learning; Stan on the latest technology trends; Lisa Schur and Tracy Chang on Teaching Union Leadership Using Distance Technology; and SMLR alum Maggie Ruvoldt, who is Executive Vice President, Human Resources at 2tor, the leading new company in online higher education.

HR Research Seminar

Dr. Daniel Tzabbar, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University, visited SMLR on April 28th to share his research on the effects of scientist turnover in biotechnology firms. Daniel’s research suggests that the effect of scientist turnover on firms’ productivity and exploration may depend on the social and technological interdependencies of the firm’s innovation context, with greater interdependencies predicting resilience in productivity, but also a reduced chance of new exploration activity following the loss of scientists by a firm.

SMLR Alum Helps Found Indian Academy of Management

SMLR PhD graduate, Arup Varma, a professor at Loyola University, and Professor Pawan Budhwar of Aston University in the UK have recently co-founded the Indian Academy of Management.  It is an affiliate of the Academy of Management which SMLR Professor II Susan Jackson leads.  To learn more about the Indian AoM go to:

SHRM Foundation Research

Paula Caligiuri presented her latest research, supported by the SHRM Foundation, on Dynamic Competencies and Performance in Global Leaders: Role of Personality and Developmental Experiences, at the CHRS Board meeting last Friday.  Click here for a copy of the paper.

Progress on the Livingston Campus

Steve Director and I met with Jeff Livingston, who is responsible for overseeing the design of the new Livingston Campus.  He showed us the latest plans for the campus, including the building that will house the new Labor Education Center auditorium in the right hand tower, next to the Levin building, where we will be able to reunite SMLR.

Passing the Test

Congratulations to Heather McKay on passing her language qualifying exam on Wednesday, the last hurdle before she moves on to her dissertation for her PhD in Global Affairs at Rutgers Newark.


CHRS Board Meeting

We had a successful CHRS advisory board meetimg at Nokia on April 29. The theme of the meeting was preparing the next generation of CHROs. Billie Hartless, SVP of HR gave an update of Nokia's business strategy. Daniel Hickey, Director of Executive Compensation gave an overview of Nokia's compensation strategy.He also discussed the new regulations and challenges impacting corporate boards' comp committees. Bill Castellano gave an update on CHRS activities including HR for HR workshops, and the research fellows program. Paula Caligiuri presented her research on global leadership development and Dick Beaty presented his research on the next generation of HR leadership:Implications for survival.  


Labor Studies in the News

Below is the link to the CBS News One program filmed by Adriana Diaz, which ran in high-school classrooms last month. It shows our Intro to Labor Studies classroom in which Mark Magyar was teaching.  At least 15 of our students are on camera in the program, which focused on the Wisconsin labor battle. The Rutgers segment picks up just over a minute into the report. Thank you to Paula Voos for getting this set up.

Labor In America

Click here to watch a video that was broadcast on CSPAN on April 27th with a lecture that Monica Boris gave at Wayne State on the state of labor in America. 

Faculty for India?

Wooing the Next Generation of Indian Academics is the title of the recent published article on May 5, 2011 in India Knowledge@Wharton.  In this article David Finegold, Anne-Laure Winkler, and B. Venkatesh Kumar are referenced in connection to  their most recent paper Will They Return?  The Willingness of Potential Faculty to Return to India and the Key Factors Affecting Their Decisions.  The study examines to what extent Indian graduates who studied in the U.S. are interested in going back to their home country for academic or other positions.


Rutgers India Strategy

We had a meeting of a cross-university group to plan a Rutgers strategy to expand our collaborations and presence in India, the world’s largest pool of potential students in the 21st Century.

Skills and Jobs NJ

I had an excellent visit with Abby Carlton, a Program Officer at the Rockefeller Foundation, to discuss a potential proposal to create a new public-private partnership, Skills and Jobs NJ, that would seek to re-invent the public workforce development system, implementing many of the ideas laid out in our recent LERA Research Volume, co-edited with Mary Gatta, Hal Salzman, and Sue Schurman.  We will begin by seeking funding from the state’s new Talent Network initiative in 6 sectors.

New e-Publishing Opportunity

Spoke with Christine Minihane of Elsevier about the growth in their electronic publishing business, which allows for sale of individual chapters and case studies along with full e-books.  Researchers interested in exploring this opportunity should let me know.

Enhancing the PhD Program

Patrick Mckay, Doug Kruse, Sean Rogers and I met to discuss ways that we might enhance recruiting for our doctoral program and create more opportunities for faculty and PhD students to discuss their research once they are at SMLR.

Deans' Council

The highlights of the Deans' Council were a preview of a fast-paced new six-minute Rutgers video, produced by NFL films, which will debut at the University Commencement, and a presentation by Col. Steve Abel, the new Director of Veteran Student Services.  Although he has only just joined Rutgers, the University is already ranked 21st in the US in providing a welcoming environment for veteran students by the military’s Edge magazine, and looks likely to climb up these rankings going forward.

RU Fair Consortium

Attended a meeting to discuss the possibility of pursuing a cluster hire for women in the sciences and/or healthcare.

NJ Healthcare Workforce Task Force

Sheryl Hutchison, Ashley Conway, and I discussed a range of strategies that the Task Force could use to pull together data on the healthcare workforce by the September deadline for the preparation of a planning grant.


Had an excellent introductory meeting  with Gene Waddy, Founder and CEO of Diversant, a rapidly growing, minority-owned IT staffing firm based here in NJ.  They have 75 employees and another 500 consultants working in the field, with offices in 5 states.  Gene is looking to position his firm as a thought leader in the staffing space and is working closely with Maxine Waters and others in DC on workforce issues in the IT space, such as HIB, STEM pipeline, and worker retraining.  We discussed a wide variety of ways we might work together.

Green HRM

Susan Jackson and I had an excellent discussion about her work to help launch a new field of research and global community of scholars who are exploring the intersection between HR and sustainability.  This appears to be really taking off, with Susan editing a forthcoming book on the subject and designing a new course that will be offered for the first time this summer.  Several forthcoming special issues in international journals will focus on related topics. We look forward to finding ways to support Susan’s work and to position SMLR as a leader in this exciting area.  To learn more go to:

Kevin Kolben

I had a very stimulating discussion with Kevin Kolben, who has just been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the Rutgers Business School.  Kevin is an expert on international labor standards, and is completing a fascinating project looking at the Jordanian textile industry, where almost all of the workers are imported from Bangladesh.  He is interested in working more closely with SMLR and agreed to give a talk on his research at SMLR this Fall.

Pfizer Chief Diversity Officer

Met with Ed Gadsden, Pfizer’s CDO, to discuss a range of ways that we could partner, including: providing several speakers for the thought leader speaker series he is planning next year; creating dedicated internships for Rutgers students; and cooperating on a global diversity study.

Finegold Signaure