SMLR Update April 4-11, 2011

SMLR in the News

Public Employees Aren't Overpaid
A new report concludes that public-sector employees' compensation lags that of private-sector workers when education and experience are factored in. In an article in The Sacramento Bee, Jeff Keefe is mentioned in regards to his work that countered Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's claim that shows state employees are overpaid.  

Tracy ChangE-ZPass Cheaters drain $10.1M from NJ
In response to the deteriorating relationship between toll collectors and the agency over toll collector's salaries and benefits, Tracy Chang, Director of the Labor Education and Research Now program, quoted in, said the public should recognize that toll collectors had reached those salaries over time. "Those aren't starting rates, Chang said. "Those people are taking 20 to 30 years to get to that."   


Building Business in India and China
Dean David FinegoldDavid Finegold was mentioned in an article that appeared in a online newsletter from Keck Graduate Institute at which David was a former professor.  The article lists David as a leading expert on skill development systems around the world and how he shared his latest research on macro trends, strategic implications and talent management strategies in both India and China at the conferrence on March 24 at the Mattel Headquarters in El Segundo, CA.

Experts: NJ drug industry should partner abroad in
Squeezed by the loss of business and jobs to lower-cost locations in the U.S. and abroad, New Jersey's drug industry would do well to look around the globe for partners. "Really, the future of New Jersey is connecting the talent that we have in this state with international investment," said David Finegold, Dean of Rutgers University's School of Management and Labor Relations. "The people who are putting a lot of money into this industry now, in places like South Korea, India, China, others … they don't have people who have taken drugs through the" U.S. Food and Drug Administration's regulatory procedures.

Breakfast at the Barracks – David Finegold was interviewed by Bil Liepold for the new RU TV “Breakfast at the Barracks” talk show designed to feature new research at Rutgers. David discussed his work on skills in China and India and building sustainable organizations along with the exciting work underway at the School. The show is keen to do further panels and interviews that will focus on work at SMLR.


On Rutgers Day, April 30, the School of Management and Labor Relations is partnering with Rutgers Against Hunger and Stop Hunger Now (SHN) to package dehydrated meals that can be shipped to areas around the world where hunger is most dire. 

Your help is desperately needed. 
Twenty-five dollars will pay for 100 meals. 
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Congratulations to Our Newest Tenured Professor
Please join us in congratulating Janice Fine whose promotion to Associate Professor with tenure has been approved by the Rutgers Board.

Wal-Mart Supreme Court Case
The Center for Women and Work hosted Prof. Mark Killingsworth, a leading labor economist at Rutgers, who gave a stimulating preview of the key issues in the high-profile Supreme Court case that began last week. The case will determine whether 1.5 million women can move forward with class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart for employment discrimination.

employee ownership conference2011 Employee Ownership Conference
Joseph Blasi will be one of the keynote speakers at the 2011 Employee Ownership Conference that will be held in Denver, Colorado on April 13-15, 2011.  The Annual Employee Ownership Conference brings together the people and ideas that keep employee ownership working. Use the following links for more information or to register. 


A highly successful RU SHRM 7th Annual Conference was held Friday April 1. A record turnout of 240 attendees heard world-class speakers addressing the critical and timely topic: "HR Leading the New Normal." Presenters included Professor Bill Castellano, Director of the Center for Human Resource Strategy and Undergraduate HR Minor; Barbara Brickmeier,VP, Services Delivery and HR Delivery, IBM Corporation; David Flaherty, Human Resouces Leader, Merck; Susan Podlogar, Worldwide VP, Compensation, J & J; Steven Miranda, Chief HR and Content Integration Officer, SHRM; Stephen Gillooly, Director of HR Transformation, PwC.   Congratulations to RU SHRM for a truly outstanding event!

2011 Northeast Regional Student SHRM Case-solving Competition
On April 1-2, 2011 at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY an RU SHRM team of Bao Nguyen, Mary Stevens, Felecia McBride, Vinh Ho, and Jyoti Jain represented SMLR in this HR case competition. The team decided to compete despite the absence of one of its key members, Pam Schmidt, who was killed a few weeks earlier, since they knew how much the competition had meant to her.  Team Leader Bao Nguyen summed up his experience; "The competition truly was an emotional experience for me, especially since I had become such a close colleague to Pamela Schmidt. Her passing away made it a mission for me to get this team up and going and ready to compete with the best in the region; something that Pam and I had worked so hard to accomplish together. Winning would've been great, but being recognized as one of the BEST and earning the respect of others beyond the borders of NJ was what was important to both Pam and me, which I feel we accomplished."   One of the judges, Mary C. Turcotte, CCP, HR Director & Ethics Officer, L-3 Global Communications Solutions, Inc. wrote, "Just want to tell you again what a great job you did. Your cohesiveness as a team was a true strength in pulling it all together. Keep up the good work, trust your judgment."

Several SMLR faculty members participated in the 8th Annual Women in Leadership Development (WILD) Conference, March 4th and 5th, New Jersey State AFL-CIO. Friday evening, Dr. Mary Gatta presented the research findings from the Center for Women and Work's Leverhulme project, the trade union women's exchange between the U.S. and Great Britain which had its roots in the WILD conference. The panel on Leadership Perspectives was facilitated by Dianne McKay of the NJ Gender Parity Council and SMLR adjunct professor. Saturday's workshop event on Winning Outcomes, in which participants discussed strategies for fuller political participation, was facilitated by Donna Schulman, director of the Carey Library. SMLR attendees also included Tracy Chang, director of LEARN, which was a co-sponsor of the conference, SMLR student Jillian Stead, and Heather McKay and Karen White of the Center for Women and Work, also a co-sponsor.

Over 100 women from labor unions throughout New Jersey, representing jobs that ranged from organizer, to carpenter, to teacher, attended the conference. NJ WILD is organized by Laurel Brennan, Secretary-Treasurer of the NJ AFL-CIO. The conference also served as a great launching point for recruitment for the 36th UALE Northeast Union Women's Summer School, which this year will be hosted by SMLR, July 18th - 22nd, 2011.

Paper Acceptance
Janice Fine's paper to the Conference on Regulating for Decent Work (RDW), which will be held in Geneva, 6-8 July 2011, was submitted and accepted.  Janice was invited to present her paper and participte at the conference.

Job Success Club for Alumni
With lengthy job hunts becoming more common, Rutgers alumnus Len Garrison created a support group for unemployed alumni.  In the April 3rd issue of Rutgers Today, Rutgers' Job Success Club Offers Camaraderie and Support to Alumni , read how this group assists alumni in their job search.  This article talks about how financial recruiters and alums work with the university's career services to buoy careers and confidence. 

Getting it Right!
Jeff Keefe's paper "Getting it Right: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications from Research on Public-Sector Unionism and Collective Bargaining" was recently listed on The Social Science Research Network's Top Ten download list in the area of Employment Law and Collective Bargaining.

Labor-Management Partnership for Education Reform
Saul Rubinstein met with the leaders of South Africa's education system to discuss lessons from successful labor-management partnerships for school improvement in the US. This week he is off to the annual American Education Research Association to present the findings from this research. 

Center for Management Development
Bill Bigoness
is proud to report that CMD has been awarded, with the Intersect Fund, a $350,000 grant for the NJDOL to provide entrepreneurship training. Last week CMD ran a highly successful ETS program in San Antonio, Texas under Claudia Meer's leadershipThis week they ran a five-day Digital Marketing Program for the Corporate Marketing Group of Johnson & Johnson under Eric Greenberg's leadership. The program is being delivered in New Brunswick and New York City.

Niki Dickerson von Lockette was invited to speak at UCLA's Institute for Research on Labor and Employment conference, "Reconnecting to Work: Consequences of Long-Term Unemployment and Prospects for Job Creation." The conference included scholars (Richard Freeman, Bob Pollin, Till vonWachter) actively engaged with policymakers to address the employment crisis. Dickerson von Lockette's talk was entitled, "Who Gets What? Exclusion and the Persistence of the Role of Race in the Labor Market."

Niki also shared the following blog from the Center for Economic Policy on Research on Actually Existing Capitalism by John Schmitt, which includes results of a fascinating study suggesting that Americans prefer the income distribution of Sweden to the US.

Dean's Highlights

California Trip–I felt guilty escaping our never-ending NJ winter two weeks ago for a set of important meeting in California, that included:

  • Meeting with the Beysters–Since Dr. Robert Beyster wasn’t able to join us in person for the investiture ceremony for the Beyster Professor of Employee Ownership, Joseph Blasi, Shino John, Lavinia Boxill and I brought the chair to him for a wonderful lunch with his family and closest friends and advisors.
  • HR Forums–I had the chance to speak with over 85 HR leaders at two HRPS workshop in Northern and Southern California about emerging talent issues in China and India, making lots of new contacts for the School and our students in the process.
  • Patricia Kelso–I had the chance to visit with the widow and co-author of Louis Kelso, the pioneer of ESOPs, who is the Director of the Kelso Institute in San Francisco and a big supporter of the fellows program.
  • Scarlet Knight Partnership–Visited with our partners at the ABC School District in South LA to discuss a possible joint proposal to the Hewlett Foundation to leverage their successful labor-management partnership as a vehicle for enhancing student learning of key cross-cutting competencies, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication.

Teaching–I had the opportunity to guest lecture in Lisa Schur’s “Perspectives” undergraduate course on the changing skill needs for the US workforce in comparative perspective, and also to kick off the latest Mini-MBA in BioPharma Innovation at Roche, and to teach a similar module for the Executive MBA program on Saturday.

CEOs In-Residence–Took part in the launch meeting for Rutgers’ new CEO-in-Residence program, where 3 senior leaders who’ve run multiple high-tech firms are spending time at Rutgers, working closely with the Office of Technology Commercialization to mentor scientists and engineers who have innovations that could form the basis of new companies.

Stay Tuned, New SMLR promotional video – I met with Steve Conrady to review a new 30-second promotional video for our School that should soon be ready to share. Steve is also working on a 3-minute video for the HR program and individual interview segements with faculty.

International Partnerships

  • EU -- I took part last week in the NJ-EU Life Science Business Forum, the kickoff event for a new series being organized by the Rutgers Center for European Studies. Hosted a panel on Transatlantic Partnerships that featured presentations from NJ, the UK, and France on policies supporting EU-US partnerships and lessons learned from them, as well as a fascinating case of an innovative new partnership between Merck and the Wellcome Trust to create a new institute in India to develop vaccines for the developing world. For more on this event, see my latest blog: Misperceptions that Matter
  • South Korea Health Partnership – The next day I moderated a forum in New York City, where the Korean Minister of Health announced “The Columbus Project” to support Korean life science firms to partner with US organizations, including CHA Bio which will be launching a new subsidiary in New Jersey.
  • China Partnership -- Mingwei Liu and I met with Prof. Yang of our peer school at Renmin University, who is in the US this year on Hubert Humphrey Fellowship.  We discussed opportunities for partnering in research and new educational programs.


Martin Luther King and Economic Justice –  I had one of my most challenging assignments ever chairing a panel for A Day to Stand in Solidarity, hosted by the NJ AFL-CIO in Trenton at IBEW Local 269, to commemorate the date, April 4th, 1968, of the assassination of MLK, who had spoken at a rally in support of sanitation workers earlier that day. The panel featured Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, Sen. Robert Menendez, Cong. Rush Holt, AFT President Randi Weingarten, James Harris, President, New Jersey NAACP, and 3 presidents of NJ union locals: Charles Hall, Rahaman Muhammad, and Joyce Alston. View video of the event posted on ICEPN television.


April Date, Location Time
Alice Paul Equality Award
Professor Barbara Lee to receive the Alice Paul Equality Award
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April 28, 2011

The Mansion, Plaza 3000, Voorhees, NJ 08043

6:00–9:00 p.m.

Rutgers DayRUTGERS DAY—Stop Hunger Now
Co-sponsors: SMLR/RAH

Come help us package food for those less fortunate, including high protein, dehydrated meals for use in crisis situations. Anyone age 5 and older can participate in our assembly line process, through which a team of 40 volunteers can package 5,000 meals in just one hour! No experience needed.  Contact or to volunteer.

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April 30, 2011

Werblin Recreation Gym, Busch Campus

All Day

The State of Workforce Diversity 2011
Forum on workplace diversity programs that are bringing new talent, productivity, and creativity to U.S. employers

Toni Riccardi, Sr. VP, HR and Chief Diversity Officer, The Conference Board
Anthony P. Carter, Chief Diversity Officer, Johnson & Johnson
David Finegold, Dean SMLR

Click here to register. 

May 9, 2011

John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development
Roosevelt-Perkins Room
30 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ

8:30 a.m.–12:45 p.m.