Considering Adult Learners

The workforce center can play an important role in helping adult learners attain their degree. To do so, there are a few key points to remember when considering adult learners:


  • Knowing and acting on the details of clients' educational background is as important as learning their employment background so it is important to ask clients for their past educational history.
  • College completion can be a short-term training option for some clients because they may be less than 2 years away from completing a degree.
  • Many clients are very close to finishing a degree but don’t know it or don’t think college is any longer within their reach. 
  • Clients may not understand the pay-off or advantages that finishing a degree can give them in finding a job or earning higher wages.
If a workforce center can assist individuals who are near college completion, help these clients attain the highest degree possible, and use the same or less funds than current ITA policies permit, the center will help both that individual and their community. 

Educational Background:  For the purposes of Adult College Completion through the Workforce Development system, educational background refers to post-secondary education completed through an accredited college or university and excludes vocational/technical schooling or other credentials that are not considered credit-bearing toward an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.


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