SMLR Career Fair Features Dozens of Leading Companies and Alumni Mentors

Approximately 200 SMLR students networked with recruiters from more than 32 leading companies at the SMLR Career Fair on October 11, 2013. Held at the Livingston Student Center, the career fair enabled attendees to discover opportunities in a variety of industries. Companies in attendance included: Bristol-Myers Squibb, DIRECTV, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and Corning Incorporated.

“I think there is a great diversity of companies here and the recruiters are making it easy to talk to them,” said Diego Chica, who is pursuing his master’s degree in labor and employment relations and is interested in an entry level position in research and development companies.

Margaret Frimpong, is a senior majoring in Human Resrouce Management and graduating in May 2014. Margaret is pursuing an entry level position in HR, also believes that the event was helpful for students. “This year’s event has been a huge improvement. I think there is a lot more student interest and much more companies here than last year. The marketing was also a lot better, which I think made the students more aware and more serious about coming to the career fair,” said Frimpong.

The career fair was enhanced through two new events. A photo area was provided in which students were able to take their own head shots for posting on LinkedIn, an effort to encourage networking. In addition, a panel of SMLR alumni discussed their career paths during a morning session and provided one-on-one mentoring with students during the day.

William Dwyer, BALS ’93, MLER ’97, was among the panelists. He recommends that students join organizations like Rutgers Society of Human Resource Management (RU SHRM),Rutgers University Promote Overall Worker and Employer Relationships (RU POWER), and the New Jersey Labor Employment Relations Association (LERA) in order to meet the people who make hiring decisions.

“Networking and outreach is important as well as being known as a professional. Being an expert helps your brand. It’s a great way to advertise your brand and put your foot in door other than a résumé,” he said.

SMLR alumni panelists included:

·         Melissa Daniel, BALS’00, MLER’01 – is a labor arbitrator and mediator. She is the former president of the Rutgers Alumni Association and is the chair of the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) Alumni and Friends Association.

·         Doug Duncan, MHRM’01 - a human resource professional with years of leadership experience in various facets of the human resource industry. Doug is currently president of his own human resources consulting company, TalentValue International, based in New Jersey.

·         William Dwyer, BALS ’93, MLER ’97 – is a SMLR faculty member and the former manager of PSEG's labor and employee relations, based out of Newark, NJ. He has an extensive background in leadership in the customer services and human resources world.

·         John Castella, MLER ’12 - has worked within the labor relations field for over 16 years and has an extensive knowledge of labor unions and labor relations issues. John has had particular expertise in advocacy and leadership as a steward, chief shop steward, and lead organizer for the Communications Workers of America.

·         Lynne Zahumeny, MHRM ’96 – had a 30-year career at the Labs and Lucent Technologies, where she was a technical recruiter, survey coordinator, HR consultant, and was responsible for performance management in one of the business units.

Zahumeny advised students on maintaining a work/life balance, which she describes as “attainable but challenging.” She emphasized the importance of staying motivated despite any life and career challenges that may set students off course. Her talk resonated with Sasha Corrodus-Odom, who began her studies at age 27 and hopes to obtain a career utilizing her two undergraduate majors – HRM and theater.

“As a non-traditional student the alumni panel gave me a great perspective. They showed me that it’s not too late and that graduating is achievable. I felt like I was the only one going through this. But now, I see that a work/life balance is achievable and that I can pursue my goals of getting the full experience as a student and as a full-time worker,” she said.

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