A Mother's Work

Teresa Boyer, Executive Director for the Center for Women and Work, is quoted in Suburban Family Magazine's article, "A Mother's Work." Boyer discusses issues surrounding working mothers and those who stay at home.

Excerpt from Article:

... But what hasn’t changed is the guilt both working moms and stay-at-home moms say they feel about their situations. Society has pitted the two against each other, rather unfairly. “We’ve not done a good job in our workplace politics in creating that integration,” says Teresa Boyer, director of education and workforce development research at the Center For Women and Work at Rutgers University. “Because of that whole concept, you have created this manufactured crisis of, ‘Are you a better mother if you’re at home or at work?’”

Boyer calls it “the mommy wars”—and blames society, not mothers themselves, for the friction between homemakers and office-goers. ...