MHRM Students Discuss The Benefits of RUSHRM

Shan He (Shine), 1st Year MHRM student, project manager of RUSHRM's Membership and Student Liaison

"As a member of the Rutgers Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management's (RUSHRM) leadership team, I cultivate my leadership by doing work and learning from others. I help support events for my department, connecting with other departments to better assist the success of events, joining in other events with the whole group, and planning for RUSHRM during leadership meetings. All of these experiences developed leadership as a process of cooperating and coordinating, not as a hero but working as a  team. From being a member of RUSHRM's leadership team, you learn the way to make a group whole and how to accommodate different cultures. All of those learning points are essential to making an organization sustainable and helped me to learn how to be a successful leader." 

Alex Taormina, MHRM graduate student, co-vice president of RUSHRM's Membership and Student Liaison


"Acting as the co-vice president of membership and student liaison, I gained experience in an organization guiding my interest in the HR function to support a cooperative group of students accomplishing organizational goals. It helped develop my interest in corporate culture, connecting a large company like Dow Jones and Rutgers, providing avenues for growth as a leader and a professional. Working with RUSHRM certainly set me up for success after graduate school!"



Lisa Tran, 2nd year MHRM student, project manager of Membership and Student Liaison

"The Membership and Student Liaison team was responsible for RUSHRM's first event, Buddy Night. As a project manager, I played a supporting role and gained first-hand experience with helping to plan, coordinate and run the event, which brought together new and experienced MHRM students. This was a great opportunity for me to collaborate on a team and leverage my experiences and knowledge from the MHRM program."


Suyi (Vicki) Zeng, 1st Year MHRM student, project manager of Membership and Student Liaison

"As a Project Manager of RUSHRM, I always find there are great opportunities to take leadership roles and to challenge myself. When I volunteered to help for the Case Competition with Dow Jones, I had a chance to learn how to organize and delegate a professional and strictly timed event, how to cooperate with others as a team, and how to control the situation when there are unexpected delays. Those experiences really improved my interpersonal skills and trained me to be more professional, and I do appreciate what RUSHRM brought to me!"



Pam Waid, MHRM ’14, Project Manager, Operations  

"Through my time in the MHRM program, I have been able to develop my skills in many ways and have gained great knowledge about HR and business trends. I have gained experience working in a diverse setting of teams and have learned how to overcome various challenges. In addition to my experiences in the classroom, my experience as a Project Manager for RU SHRM has provided me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills. Being involved in RU SHRM has allowed me to evolve and develop my project management, leadership, presentation, and networking skills in many ways. RU SHRM has given me the opportunity and experience to lead projects, interact with HR professionals, present at student events, and network with my peers. In combination with my coursework and being involved in RU SHRM, I have benefited greatly from SMLR in terms of developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to pursue a career in today’s workforce."  

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