Alumna Gives Insight Into HRM Program During Fall Open House

On November 8, SMLR held an open house to showcase the school’s human resource management (HRM) undergraduate program. Approximately 50 students came together at the Livingston Student Center to learn more about studies in one of the fastest growing professions—human resources.

Above: Professor Bill Castellano gives an overview of the undergraduate HRM program.
Above: Monika Mackow, an HRM alumna '12, shares insights into her HRM studies and career progression.
Above: Professor Charles Fay, the HRM undergraduate program director, answers students' questions and outlines expectations.

“It is a field that’s always in demand, but you need to be aware of the environment you’re in and bring strong quantitative skills,” said Professor Bill Castellano.

Professor Castellano has led HR operations in a variety of industries and recently stepped down as director of SMLR’s undergraduate human resource management program to become director of the school’s Center For Management Development (CMD).

The open house included additional introductions by SMLR HRM staff members and professors, who are among the nation’s most published and cited HR faculty. Speakers included Professor Charles Fay, the new director of the undergraduate human resource management program; Professor David Ferio, director of the master’s program in human resource management; and Len Garrison, HRM career services manager. Each speaker discussed how HR can enhance an organization by addressing the need for great talent. 

Above: Professor David Ferio talks about SMLR's HRM master's program.
Above: Len Garrison, HRM career services manager, shares his advice with students.
Above: Information on the fall 2012 HRM Undergraduate Program Open House.

Monika Mackow, an HRM alumna ’12, also attended the event and shared insights on her career progression and experiences to date. Mackow received her bachelor’s degrees in sociology and labor studies and employment relations as well as a master’s degree in human resource management. She has had seven internships and is a former compensation analyst at Morgan Stanley.  

Mackow outlined several lessons, emphasizing that “building a great career is not a sprint but a marathon.” She advised students to take on many internships in order to determine the field they’d like to work in. She also recommended that they know the moral standards of company they work for, take advantage of SMLR’s career services, and continuously challenge themselves in the classroom and in their work. To underscore her point, Mackow shared a story of how she stuck to a challenging HR course and received an A for her efforts.

“It was difficult, but I got an A. After that grade, I knew that I can do anything,” said Mackow. “Never forget to do your best. Always give 100 percent.”

Alecia Bardachino, who is in her junior year, appreciated Mackow’s advice. She said, “I liked hearing about how Monika got to where she is today, especially since she recently graduated from the master’s program. She was also very genuine, a good model to have.”

Eric Fagan, a transfer student who is in his junior year, also thought that the open house was helpful. “I’m an IT major and have been taking HR courses,” he said. “Now, I’m thinking about becoming a dual major, possibly combing my knowledge of HR with technology.”