Online Class Sessions Give Students Access To Global Instructors

In spring 2012, SMLR Ph.D. candidate and human resource management (HRM) instructor Anne-Laure Winkler, creatively enhanced the undergraduate HRM course, Hybrid Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, by introducing a synchronous online component led by international guest speakers. Lani Morris, co-author of The Map of Meaning: A Guide to Sustaining our Humanity in the World of Work (2011) and a New Zealand resident, and Professor Wim Dubbink, a business ethics philosopher from the Department of

Guest speaker Lani Morris engages SMLR students online, using the e-learning tool, Class Live.

Philosophy at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, spoke with students though an interactive e-learning tool, ClassLive.

“I wanted to vary the ways in which we have traditionally delivered content to students,” says Winkler, who was inspired by other SMLR online instructors. “ClassLive gave students access to global instructors, who were able to engage the class while physically in their home countries.”  

The HRM course followed a hybrid format, with classes meeting twice a week—once face-to-face and the other time spent online. Two sessions were used for group presentations, during which students had the option of presenting their projects online. Modupe Odusote, the class’ teaching assistant, and Eric Leupold, SMLR online coordinator, aided the process.

“I really enjoy the ClassLive format and the ability for the class to interact so instantaneously to each speaker,” says Carly Holden, a SMLR student who participated in the course.

ClassLive enabled students to take polls, comment within a chat room format, and watch and respond to live videos of the speakers. It encourages students to utilize interactive e-communications, which is being used increasingly in the workplace. It also permitted Morris and Dubbink to collapse geographical boundaries and successfully capture the essence of a face-to-face classroom experience.

 “I thought that it was an amazing opportunity to learn about new technology and to experience the interchange of ideas with people from another place and culture,” says Lani Morris. “I valued the interaction with the students very much and would be happy to do this again.”