SMLR Update-November, 2010



Korean Delegation Visits the LEC
Sue Schurman, Adrienne Eaton, Paula Voos, and Tracy Chang met with a South Korean Trade Unions delegation at the LEC.  The October visit with delegation from Koreadelegation consisted of 18 trade union leaders, representing diverse industries, and government agency officials who were on a study tour to learn about successful models of labor and management relations and effective systems of labor dispute resolution.  This is their first time visiting the U.S. and an academic institution of labor studies.  

Photograph provided by Wanda Radowski

SMLR Alumni Award
On Saturday, October 16, SMLR alum Christian Estavez received a Service Award for Activism from the United Plainfield Community Development Corporation at its Annual Awards Luncheon.  The UPCDC is a great organization that provides a myriad of essential services to the Plainfield community, including the CDC's Discovery Camp, After School Projects, and Community Development projects.  

75 years of the NLRA
National Labor Relations Act
On October 28th, Sue Cobble participated in a session at a conference at George Washington University Law School on the National Labor Relations Act


Comparing School Reform
Visiting doctoral student Kristian Gylling has posted a blog where he compares the American and Danish ways of reforming schools. It builds upon his academic and cultural experience attending the recent school reform conference in Washington, DC that Saul Rubinstein organized.  For those whose Danish is a bit rusty, keep reading past the first few sentences, when he switches to English.  Click here

SMLR HRM Faculty Honors and Activities 

Joseph Blasi was the guest of the Ross School of Business on Friday October 15th; he gave a talk entitled "Shared Capitalism at Work: The Results of the NBER Shared Capitalism Research Project" as part of the Interdisciplinary Committee on Organization Studies. 

Joseph has been appointed to the Awards Selection Committee by the Global Equity Organization or GEO. The Global Equity Organization is an association of large multinational corporations that offer broad-based equity rewards to their employees. The association also includes the major financial and accounting institutions that manage these plans.  The committee selects the winners of a number of GEO Prizes each year which are presented at its spring conferences.  

Jessica MethotJessica Methot has some new publications:

  • LePine, J. A., Buckman, B., Crawford, E. R., & Methot, J. R. (forthcoming). A Review of Research on Personality in Teams: Accounting for Pathways Spanning Levels of Theory and Analysis. Human Resource Management Review.
  • LePine, J. A., Methot, J. R., Crawford, E. R., & Buckman, B. (forthcoming). A Model of Positive Relationships in Teams: The Role of Instrumental, Friendship, and Multiplex Social Network Ties. Personal Relationships: The Effect of Supervisory, Co-worker, Team, Customer and Nonwork Exchanges on Employee Attitudes, Behavior, and Well-being, SIOP Frontier Series. L. T. Eby and T. D. Allen (Eds).
  • Conference presentation: Methot, J. R. The Effects of Friendship Social Capital on Job Performance. Presented in the "Internal and External Relational Social Capital: Work/Nonwork Relations and Organizational Outcomes" symposium (Chair: E. E. Coyne) at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Montreal, August 2010.

Rebecca Kehoe presented a paper entitled “A Time-Sequenced Model of Innovation Management: Managing the Interdependence of People, Relationships, and Knowledge Stocks and Flows” at the third annual People & Organizations Conference at Wharton.  

David LepakDave Lepak has much to report: 

  • Received the 2010 Scholarly Achievement Award from the HR division of the Academy of Management for the best academic paper published in 2009.  Liao, H., Toya, K., Lepak, D.P., & Hong, Y. 2009.  "Do They See Eye To Eye? Management and Employee Perspectives of High-Performance Work Systems and Influence Processes on Service Quality." Journal of Applied Psychology, 94: 371-391.
  • Published a paper:  Williamson, I., Lepak, D.P., King, J.I., & Sarma, A. 2010: "The Influence of Company Recruitment Website Usability on the Attractiveness of Organizations as Potential Employers." Human Resource Management, 49: 669-688.
  • A forthcoming book chapter: Lepak, D.P., Swart, J., & Takeuchi, R., "Aligning Human Capital with Organizational Needs."  To appear in A. Burton-Jones & J.C. Spender (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Human Capital, Oxford University Press.
  • Served as program chair for the new Strategic Human Capital Interest Group of the Strategic Management Society (SMS) 30th annual conference.  The interest group got off to a great start with over 50 papers presented.  Will continue to serve as the program chair for an additional year at next year’s conference in Miami and then will serve as the Interest Group chair for the 2012 SMS conference in Prague.
  • Led a new junior doctoral student consortium at the Academy of Management annual meetings in August to help students navigate their doctoral programs.
  • Spoke at the junior faculty consortium at the Academy of Management annual meetings on the topic of juggling multiple demands in your academic career.

At the 70th annual conference of the Academy of Management Meetings, Montreal, Canada:

–presented two papers:

  • "How Do the Components of HR Systems Work Together? The Effects of Perceived High Investment HR systems on Employees’ Attitudes." Jiang, K., Lepak, D.P., Hu, J., & McCarthy, J.E;
  • "Doing e-HRM and Doing it Right: When Does e-HRM Utilization Lead to Improvements in HRM Services?" Bondarouk, T., Harms, R., & Lepak, D,P.

–served as conference session discussant on a paper session entitled "Antecedents to Absenteeism and Turnover."

At the 30th annual conference of the Strategic Management Society, Rome, Italy:

  • Spoke on the topic ‘How Does Strategic Human Capital Influence a Firm’s Ability to Appropriate Rents?’ Interest group workshop co-chaired with Russ Coff and Bill Hesterly.   

SMLR in the News  

Lumina Foundation Project
Heather McKay is hard at work beginning a four-state study that will help unemployed adults who have not finished college attain their degree through online education.  View the article on this Lumina Foundation project that appeared in Rutgers Today newsletter. 

A Future for Family Leave Advocates for paid family leave have long faced a steep challenge in the United States. But the work of Karen White and Linda Houser could spur a national dialogue over the issue.  See the full article in Rutgers Today.

Rutgers News

Building NJ’s Innovation Ecosystem
Rutgers alum Dr. Sol Barer gave a very impressive talk in the Master of Business and Science lecture series describing the evolution of the company he founded, Celgene, from a tiny New Jersey biotech start-up into one of the three most successful companies on the S&P in the last decade.  Celgene represents an amazing example of turning failure—the tragedy of Thalidomide in the 19060s—into success by converting the highly toxic drug into a successful treatment for multiple rare diseases. 

Century Club
I was pleased to attend the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce gala where Rutgers was the oldest of 12 members honored for having been in business for over 100 years.  

Highlights of the Dean’s Activities

Asia Trip
I’m just back from a quick trip to Asia where I gave a keynote address at the 3rd Annual Adult Learning Symposium in Singapore and a seminar at the University of Western Australia’s Business School in Perth.  I took the opportunity to explore potential international partnerships for the MBS program in both countries.  See my next Dean’s blog for an interview with the CEO of LearningHub, an innovative training provider created by Singapore’s National Trade Union Confederation. 

Faculty Videos
We began taping the first installments of Workplace,an online talk show where I interview SMLR faculty and other experts about their research on the latest issues in the world of work. Clips from Workplace will feature on the soon-to-be-re-launched SMLR website. 

Inclusive Hiring Training
I was pleased to take part in a demonstration by Doreen Valentine and Natalie Batmanian of a new training video that they’ve developed as part of the ADVANCE grant to assist Rutgers faculty in conducting more inclusive searches.   

Indian Higher Education
I had an excellent initial meeting with Prof. B. Venkatesh Kumar from the Tata Institute for Social Sciences in India who is spending this year at Penn State on a Hubert Humphrey fellowship.  We agreed to collaborate on a survey of Indian graduate students in the US to explore their interest in returning to India for academic positions, along with a potential project with the World Bank. 


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