New Research Reaffirms That SMLR’s HRM Faculty Is Among The Most Highly Cited Management Scholars

Five of SMLR’s human resource management (HRM) faculty are among the most highly cited management scholars in the past thirty years, according to the results of “Scholarly Impact Revisited,” by Herman Aguinis, et al (2012). Professors Susan Jackson, Randall Schuler, Mark Huselid, Dave Lepak, and Stan Gully are named as leading scholars. In addition, Rutgers University is ranked third in the nation for scholarly impact in the field of management.

Among the entire list of distinguished scholars, Professor Jackson is ranked fourth for both her exceptional academic and non-academic influence on the management field. Professors Jackson and Schuler are among the 13 scholars in this study to have more than one million Web pages (as indexed by Google)!

The list of management scholars is based on the top 550 cited management professors among the 25,248 mentioned in the original paper, “Scholarly Impact,” by P.M. Podsakoff, et al (2008). The study looks at the entire field of management, including human resources. In determining Rutgers’ ranking, 1,693 universities were reviewed by Podsakoff, et al.