Rutgers University Promote Overall Worker and Employer Relationships (RU POWER)

RU POWER's members.

RU POWER's goals are to educate and promote general awareness about the numerous factors that encompass the workplace. Main topics included: employees' rights, management skill building, interests of employers, human resources fundamentals and legal aspects of employment. As a Labor and Employment Relations organization, RU POWER is interested in ensuring that future employees and current employees alike are aware of current laws, tools, skills and techniques that will educate on employment laws and enhance management skills at the workplace. The members of RU POWER will learn from these experiences and will be able to use the training sessions as resume builders. Ultimately, RU POWER will fulfill its mission as an organization!

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Above: LER graduate students and members of RU POWER. For more information on the graduate chapter, email:


LSER undergraduate students and members of RU POWER. For more information for the undergraduate chapter, email:

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