CPM New Brunswick Fall 2014 Start


New Brunswick Cohort (Fri./Sat.)
50 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick
Fall 2014 Start

All courses run from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Date Module# Topic
November 1st #15a Overview and Principles of NJ Governments
November 14th & 15th #2
Developing Self: Knowing and Managing Yourself*
December 5th and 6th #3 Analytical Thinking*
December 19th #4
Problem Solving and Decision Making
December 20th #6 Project Management*
January 16th & 17th, 2015 #5 Strategic Planning and Work Process Management*
January 30th & 31st #7 Managing for Results and Performance Management*
February 13th & 14th #8 Quantitative Techniques*
February 27th & 28th #9 Managing and Leading
March 13th & 14th #10 Developing Personal and Organizational Integrity: Ethics
March 27th #11 Leading Changes*
March 28th #12 Managing Teams
April 10th & 11th #13 Communicating Effectively*
April 24th & 25th #14 Managing Technology
May 8th & 9th #15 Government in New Jersey
May 8th #15b Constitution and Rule of Law (CPM Finisher Course Only)*
May 29th & 30th #16 Administration of Law and Dispute Resolution*
June 12th & 13th #17 Human Resource Management*
June 26th & 27th #18 Budgeting Process and Financial Management*
July 10th #19 Service Delivery Decision Making
July 11th #20 Contemporary Risk Management
July 24th & 25th #21 Leading and Managing in the Public Sector*
August 7th   Capstone Due
February 13th, May 1st, & July 17th   Possible Make Up Days

*These courses are also for the CPM Finisher Program students.