Labor Studies & Employment Relations

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Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and Employment Relations

Explore a Wide Range of Topics

Are you interested in how work is managed, the problems of working people, and what workers have done as individuals and groups to address these problems? Do you want to help change jobs/society for the better while also having a rewarding professional career? 

Then this joint degree from SMLR and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) could be for you.

This is a broad social science major. You can specialize in one of our five major areas of concentration or sample up to all five:

  • Law in the workplace
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Work organization and management
  • Labor unions and social movements
  • Work, globalization, and migration

Enjoy a World Class Education Experience

  • Avoid huge lecture classes—class size is moderate or small
  • An active/interactive teaching approach in many courses
  • The chance to get to know your instructors and fellow students
  • Professors are nationally know scholars
  • Other instructors are hightly respected local professionals
  • Personal student advising and assistance cutting through the bureaucracy

Open Up a Variety of Career Paths

  • Manage people well whether you work for a corporation, government, or a community organization.
  • Apply knowledge of current issues like work-life balance or employee rights to your workplace.
  • Specialize in diversity, dealing with unionized employees, or other parts of employment relations.
  • Represent employees as a union leader or staff member.
  • Pursue an MBA after graduation or a law degree, or a professional master's degree in human resource management or labor relations.

Get Started Now on Your Future

  • Earn credit in an internship related to your future career as a major or minor.
  • Start our five-year combined Bachelor's/Master's program to qualify for better jobs.
  • Network with alumni and professionals in the field through school events.
  • Evening, weekend, and online classes make it easier to work while in school.