Human Resource Management

Off-Site Locations

Offsite Locations

In addition to the program offerings at our main campus in Piscataway, New Jersey, the MHRM program has sponsored off campus programs in affiliation with corporations in the tri-state area. The program has also sponsored international programs in cooperation with other major universities around the world. Our current Global Executive Master's in HR Leadership program is targeted at high potential HR talent on track to assume the senior HR leadership positions in the world’s leading corporations. We offer our students, many of whom work full-time, flexibility in terms of scheduling and programs that enable them to advance their education while continuing their careers. 

Students Can Attend Our Off Campus Courses To:

♦ Enrich their career knowledge

♦ Receive a 6 course Certificate in HRM

♦ Take courses for undergraduate credit at Rutgers

♦ Earn credits toward their Master in Human Resource Management at Rutgers

A "Campus in Your Conference Room"

A partnership with the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations can be designed to offer “campus in your conference room” courses that are either open to the general public or limited to employees of the corporation hosting the off campus program. Many companies see these programs as an effective way to enhance the skills of their current employees, while employees view these programs as a unique and valuable part of their benefits package. In this way, offering off campus courses through the Rutgers HRM department can become an important part of an organization’s overall retention, development, and recruitment strategy, particularly with regard to their HR employees.