Mason Ameri

Mason Ameri is a Ph.D. Candidate with the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) at Rutgers University. Mason’s research covers disability and employment, mainly as it relates to discrimination against persons with disabilities. Mason’s work is published in the National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers and Election Law Journal. His other manuscripts are forthcoming in Industrial Labor Relations Review and Social Science Quarterly, and are under review at the British Journal of Industrial Relations.

As an example of Mason’s work, a field experiment that he completed involved submitting résumés and cover letters on behalf of fictitious candidates for 6,016 accounting jobs.  This study has been featured in more than 40 popular media outlets including The New York Times and Forbes, and he was invited to discuss the findings at the World Bank. Mason’s dissertation continues to explore whether the disability-based discrimination encountered in Ameri et al. (forthcoming) is evident in other occupations, and with other types of disability.


Research Initiatives: Disability and Employment

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