Health Care Management


  • Health Care Policy 360 – Insights for Today, Strategies for Tomorrow
    Health Care Policy 360 provides the non-partisan expertise, context and knowledge you need to cut through the flood of information and get right down to the critical concepts, emerging trends and levers of change in health care today. Gain the real world, practical intelligence you need to make smart decisions, react to market changes, plan for your organization and develop winning strategies for a competitive advantage.
  • Master's Certificate: Senior Care Management
    Participating in this program will give you the strategic and organizational skills you need to navigate today’s rapidly changing senior health care environment as well as increase your understanding of the current and anticipated pressures of senior health care management.
  • Certified Healthcare Manager Program
    The healthcare landscape is complex, dyanimuc, and performance-based. Healthcare managers and leaders need foundational and outcomes-related competencies that will enable them to fulfill their role and maximize their value-added. The Certified Healthcare Manager program will help healthcare managers and leaders to ensure that their organizations succeed.