Profile: Anne-Laure Winkler

Ph.D. Candidate

Anne-Laure Winkler is a doctoral candidate whose research interests lie at the intersection of human resource management, ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Prior to joining SMLR, Anne-Laure worked eight years in the biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, in strategic management consulting at ZS Associates in France, and product management at Genzyme, in the US and Japan. She completed her undergraduate and MBA degrees at ESSEC business school in France.

Anne-Laure regularly presents her research at the Academy of Management, Labor and Employment Relations Association, and Society for Business Ethics.

Research interests:

  • Business ethics
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Strategic human resource management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Employee ownership
  • Corporate culture/climate
  • Courses Taught

    • Corporate Governance
    • Perspectives on Labor Studies (hybrid course: online and face to face)
    • Selected problems in HR: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (hybrid course)
  • Education

    MBA, Business Administration, ESSEC Business School, France (1998)

  • Publications

    Jiang, K., Lepak, D. P., Han, K., Hong, Y., Kim, A., & Winkler, A.-L. Forthcoming. Clarifying the construct of human resource systems: Relating human resource management to employee performance. Human Resource Management Review.

    Finegold, D., Ali, M., & Winkler, A-L. 2011. Governing Value Creation: New Models for the Global Economy. In C. Crouch, & C., MacLean (Eds.), The Responsible Corporation in a Global Economy: 251-284. New York: Oxford University Press.

    Finegold, D., Kumar, B. V., Winkler, A.-L., & Argod, V. 2011. Will They Return? Indian Students in the United States. Economic and Political Weekly, 46: 21-24.     

    Finegold, D., Klossek, A., Nippa, M. & Winkler, A.-L. 2010. Explaining Firm Approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility: Institutional Environment and Firm Size. European Journal of International Management, 4: 213-233.

    Winkler, A-L. & Finegold, D. 2008. Giving patients a say: how to work with patient advocacy groups. Nature Biotechnology, 26: 23-26.

  • Research Initiatives

    She is studying contextual and individual drivers which affect corporate social responsibility outcomes. She is particularly interested in exploring if and how a deep collaboration with certain stakeholders, like non-profit organizations, changes the way a company becomes more socially responsible.

  • Awards

    Best Student Paper Finalist
    Labor and Employment Relations Association

    2009, 2010
    Founder’s Award
    Society for Business Ethics

    Best Paper Proceedings
    68th Academy of Management Annual Meeting