Ph.D. Alumni

At the School of Management and Labor Relations, we believe our graduates are our most powerful recommendation and we are proud to be judged by their success.

Sargam Garg, IRHR'17 celebrated the completion of her doctoral degree during SMLR's Convocation on May 13, 2017.

We are pleased to introduce our alumni.

  • Ameri, Mason, Ph.D. 2017 

    Research interests: Disability and Employment

    Sample Publication: As an example of Mason’s work, a field experiment that he completed involved submitting résumés and cover letters on behalf of fictitious candidates for 6,016 accounting jobs.  This study has been featured in more than 40 popular media outlets including The New York Times and Forbes, and he was invited to discuss the findings at the World Bank. 


  • Bentley, Frederick Scott, Ph.D. 2017 

    Research interests: Strategic human resource management, Research Methods, Compensation, Family Owned Businesses, Applied Econometrics, and Longitudinal Data Analysis.

    Sample Publication: Kehoe, R.R., Lepak, D.P., & Bentley, F.S.  (In press).  Let’s call a star a star.  Task performance, external status, and exceptional contributors in organizations. Journal of Management.


  • Boris Bielski, Monica, Ph.D. 2005, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign 

    Monica Bielski Boris

    Research interests: union renewal, labor-community coalitions, union membership diversity and role of central labor bodies.

    Sample Publication: “Identity at Work: U.S. Labor Union Policies to Address Sexual Diversity Through Policy and Practice” forthcoming in Advances in Industrial Relations. By Monica Bielski Boris.


  • Boniface, Michael, Ph.D. 2009, Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento

    Boniface Michael

    California State University, Sacramento. | Website

    Research interests: Collaborative enterprise, values, effecting value change and interest based negotiation.

    Sample Publication: “IBM’s Decade of Transformation: Uniting Vision and Values.” With Charles Heckscher, Lynda M. Applegate, Robert D. Austin and Elizabeth L. Collins. Harvard Business School Case N9-807-030, 2006.


  • Casey, Debra, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Instruction, Temple University 

    Fox School of Business
    Temple University 


  • Chung, Yunhyung, Ph.D. 2008, Assistant Professor, University of Idaho 

    Chunyun Yun

    Department of Business and Economics
    University of Idaho
    Research interests: diversity, social networks, training and development


  • Colakoglu, Saba, Ph.D. 2009, Assistant Professor, Berry College 

    Saba Colakoglu

    Campbell School of Business
    Berry College

    Research interests: Broad research interest in the strategic management of human resources in a global context. Specific focus on staffing, knowledge management, and expatriate assignment management in multinational corporations.

    Sample publication: “Cultural distance, expatriate staffing, and subsidiary performance: The case of U.S. subsidiaries of multinational corporations.” International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2008, 2: 223–239. By Colakoglu, S., & Caligiuri, P.M


  • Erhardt, Niclas, Ph.D. 2008, Associate Professor, University of Maine

    Nichlas Erhardt | Website

    Research interests: Team-based knowledge work, workplace diversity, Human Resource Management, outsourcing, and intra- and inter-firm collaboration.

    Sample publication: “From Bureaucratic Forms Towards Team-Based Knowledge Work Systems: Implications for Human Resource Management
    Forthcoming in a special issue on Organizational Learning in International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise (IJCent). By Erhardt, N. L. & Martin-Rios, C. & Way, S. A.


  • Garg, Sargam, Ph.D. 2017

    Nichlas Erhardt

    Research interests: Strategic human resource management, idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) in organizations.

    Sample publication: “Training-Mantra of the new millennium, Human Capital, 4(11), Apr 2001.

  • Guo, Xuguang (Steve), Ph.D. 2008, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater 

    Steve Guo

    Management Department
    University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

    Research interests: employee benefits and compensation.

    Sample publication: "Workers' Compensation: Recent Developments in Moral Hazard and Benefit Payments," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 62(2), 2010. Guo, Xuguang and John F. Burton Jr.


  • Harden, Erika, Ph.D. 2009, Parker-Hannifin Corporation

    Erika Harden

    Learning and Organizational Effectiveness Department
    Parker-Hannifin Corporation

    Research interests: strategic human resource management (HRM), impact of HRM on organizational innovations, and the interaction between HRM and leadership.

    Sample publication: “Who Has a Better Idea? Innovation, Shared Capitalism, and HR Policies,” In D.L. Kruse, R.B. Freeman, & J.R. Blasi, (Eds), Shared Capitalism at Work: Employee Ownership, Profit and Gain Sharing, and Broad-Based Stock Options, Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2010. By E.E. Harden, D. Kruse, & J. Blasi.


  • Hong, Ying, Ph.D. 2009, Associate Professor, Fordham University

    Research interests: strategic human resource management, service linkage, and leadership. | Website

    Sample publication: “Do they see eye to eye? Management and employee perspectives of high-performance work systems and influence processes on service quality,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 94(2): 371–391. By Liao, Toya, Lepak, & Hong, 2009.


  • Jiang, Kaifeng, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. 2013, University of Notre Dame

    Research interests: Strategic Human Research Management, Leadership, Work Team, Workplace Climate, Employee Engagement, Employee Turnover

    Sample publication: “Missing Link in the Service Profit Chain: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Antecedents, Consequences, and Moderators of Service Climate.” In Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 98, No. 2. By Hong, Y.; Liao, H.; Hu, J.; & Jiang, K.


  • Jiang, Yuan, Ph.D. 2009, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Shanghai Jiao Tong University | Website
    Research interests: Leading and Managing Collaborative Work, Innovation, Leadership, Diversity, Global and Chinese Human Resource Management

    Sample publication: Jiang*, Y., Colakoglu*, S., Lepak, D., Blasi, J., & Kruse, D. 2014. Involvement work systems and operational performance: Exploring the moderating effect of national power distance. Journal of International Business Studies. In press.


  • Lazarova, Mila, Ph.D. 2004, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University 

    Faculty of Business
    Simon Fraser University, Canada

    Research Interests: Expatriate management and repatriation, boundaryless and global careers, Work/life balance issues, comparative HRM

    Sample publication: “Boundaryless careers, social capital, and knowledge management: Implications for organizational performance,” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 30, 119–139 (2009). By Mila Lazarova and Sully Taylor.


  • Li, Chunyun, Ph.D. 2015, Assistant Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

    Department of Management

    Research Interests: Comparative employment relations, collective bargaining, trade unions, corporate social responsibility, labour issues in China

    Sample publication: “Toward a Labor Movement in Formation? Case Study of Protests against Walmart Store Closure in China.,” Cornell-Renmin Workshop on Collective Bargaining in China, 15 December 2014, Beijing China (unpublished).


  • Mahony, Douglass, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management, Lehigh University 

    Research Interests: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Participatory Work Systems, and Social Networks

    Sample publication: Mahony, D., Klimchak, M. & Morrell, D. (2012). "The portability of career long work experience: Propensity to trust as a substitute for valuable work experience." Career Development International, Vol. 17(7): pp. 606-625.

    Moliterno, T.P., & Mahony, D.M. (2011). “Network Theory of Organization:  A Multilevel Approach” Journal of Management, 37(2), 443-467.

    Korsgaard, M.A., Jeong, S., Mahony, D., Pitariu, A. (2008). A Multi-Level View of Intragroup Conflict.  Journal of Management, 34 1222-1252.

    Mahony, D. & Klaas, B. (2008). Comparative Dispute Resolution in the Workplace. Journal of Labor Research, 29(3), 251-271.

    Mahony, D. & Klaas, B. (2008). The Role of Compensatory and Retributive Justice in Determining Damages in Employment Disputes.  Journal of Management, 34, 218 - 243.

    Mahony, D. & Wheeler, H.  (2008). “Adjudication of Workplace Disputes”  in K. Dau-Schmidt, S. Harris, & O. Lobel eds. Labor and Employment Law and Economics.  Elgar Publishing

    Mahony, D. (2007).  How Participatory Work Practices Affect Front-Line Supervisors.Journal of Labor Research, Winter, 28(1), 147 – 168.

    Mahony, D.  (2007). Making Partnership Work: Inside the Black Box of Labor-Management Participation.  Journal of Collective Negotiations, 31(3), 215 - 240.

    Klaas, B., Mahony, D., & Wheeler, H. (2006). Decision Making about Workplace Disputes: A Policy-Capturing Study of Employment Arbitrators, Labor Arbitrators, and Jurors.Industrial Relations, 45(1), 68 – 95.

    Colvin, A., Klaas, B. & Mahony, D. (2006). “Research on Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures.” in D. Lewin ed. Contemporary Issues in Employment Relations.  Champaign, IL: Labor and Employment Research Association: pp. 103 – 147.

    Mahony, D., Klaas, D., McClendon, J., & Varma, A.  (2005). The Effects of Mandatory Employment Arbitration Systems on Applicants’ Attraction to Organizations.  Human Resource Management, 44(4), 449 - 470

    Wheeler, H., Klaas, B., & Mahony, D. (2004).  Workplace Justice Without Unions.  Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

    Kruse, D., & Mahony, D.  (2000).   Illegal Child Labor in the United States: Prevalence and Characteristics.  Industrial & Labor Relations Review, 54(1), 17 - 40


  • Martin-Rios, Carlos, Ph.D. 2005, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

    Carlos Martin-Rios

    Dept. of Management, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
    Visiting professor and Co-Director of Master in HRM | Website

    Research interests: organizational control systems, knowledge work, and innovation.

    Sample publication: “Organizational knowledge transfer through human resource management: International diffusion of managerial performance management,” European Journal of International Management, 2008, 2(2): 170–191. By C. Martin-Rios & N. Erhardt.


  • McCarthy, John, Ph.D. 2014, Assistant Professor, Cornell University

    John McCarthy

    Department of Human Resources
    Cornell University ILR School

    Research interests: Worker Centers and community organizations, with a particular focus in networking problems that arise between organizations.

    Sample publication: Heckscher, C., & McCarthy, J.E. (forthcoming). Transient solidarities: commitment and collective action in post-industrial societies. British Journal of Industrial Relations. [BJIR is the third ranked IR journal worldwide]


  • Park, Rhoekeun, Ph.D. 2007, Assistant professor, Kwangwoon University  

    Rhoekeum Park

    College of Business Administration
    Kwangwoon University

    Research interests: Group incentives, Employee involvement, Organizational behavior, Organizational strategy.
    Sample publication: “ Does Employee Ownership Enhance Firm Survival?” Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Self-managed Firms, 2004, Vol. 8: 3–33. By Rhokeun Park, Douglas Kruse, & James Sesil.


  • Rogers, Sean, Ph.D. 2013, Assistant Professor, Cornell School of Hotel Administration

    Sean Rogers

    School of Hotel Administration
    Cornell University | Website

    Research interests: unions and labor-management relations, workforce diversity, and volunteerism

    Sample publication: “Rogers, S. E., Eaton, A. E., & Voos, P. B. (2013). Effects of unionization on graduate student employees: Faculty-student relations, academic freedom, and pay. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 66: 487- 510.


  • Tarique, Ibraiz, Ph.D. 2005. Associate Professor, Pace University

    Ibraiz Tarique

    Research Interests: Academic research focuses on global talent management with emphasis on recruiting and developing employees in domestic and international settings. Applied research focuses on HRM education and developing HRM professionals.  

    Sample publication: Tarique, I., & Schuler, R. (2010). Global talent management: Literature review,integrative framework, and suggestions for further research. Journal of World Business, 45:122-133.


  • Way, Sean, Ph.D. 2005, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management

    Sean Way

    Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
    Director, Lausanne Hospitality Research Center
    Tel. +1-607-220-4505
    Route de Cojonnex 18 | 1000 Lausanne 25 | Switzerland

    Research interests: Current research focuses on a number of Strategic Human Resource Management topics, including the effects of HR systems, HR flexibility, climate, and internal marketing on the performance and effectiveness of organizations and their employees.

    Sample publication: “High performance work systems and intermediate indicators of firm performance within the U.S. small business sector,” Journal of Management, 2002, 28: 765–785. By Sean Way.


  • Winkler, Anne-Laure, Ph.D. 2014, Professor, Baruch College | Website

    Research interests: Business ethics, corporate social responsibility, strategic human resource management, stakeholder management, employee ownership, corporate culture/ climate.

    Sample publication: "Governing Value Creation: New Models for the Global Economy." In C. Crouch, & C., MacLean (Eds.), The Responsible Corporation in a Global Economy: 251-284. New York: Oxford University Press.