Newly Admitted BS in Labor Employment and Relations Students

First Things First

For new students admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment Relations

Learn your RUID and PAC Code

Your RUID is a unique nine-digit number that Rutgers assigns to you as your identification number. The number was included in your acceptance letter and can be accessed on the Enrollment Pathway. Your temporary Personal Access code (PAC) is a four-digit number made up of your birth month and day (ex. March 28 = 0328). You can change it if you desire.

► Enrollment Pathway: New students | Returning and Internal Rutgers’ transfers

Create a NetID and Email Account

You should have created your NetID on the Enrollment Pathway.

You can also find information on the New Brunswick Computing Services. The NetID is used extensively at Rutgers for email creation, registration, access to online courses, access to the libraries, access to wireless networks, and other matters.

The best way to get a NetID is to create an email account on one of our central systems. To create a central account (and a NetID if you don't already have one), see our account creation webpage.

Register for a New Student Orientation Program through Enrollment Pathway

The university New Student Orientation Program is provided by the Office of Student Life and is not to be confused with your school’s Academic Planning and Advising (APA) Days.

Register for an Academic Planning and Advising

Choose the earliest APA day possible so you have access to courses before they are full. You will be required to register and bring your transfer evaluation summary with you on one of the following APA days on:

 Please RSVP at

Students enrolled in off-campus programs should consult individually with their off-campus adviser as soon as possible. At Western Monmouth Higher Education Center, please contact Joe Walsh at 732-625-7012; Atlantic Cape, contact Cal Maradonna at 609-343-2090.

Submit Health Immunization Records

Visit the Rutgers Health Services website for information and forms for pre-registration immunization forms. 

Submit Official Transcripts

Send final official transcripts from all prior colleges/universities and the record of your HS diploma (or GED) to Rutgers University, Office of University Undergraduate Admissions, 65 Davidson Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854. Official transcripts will ensure you get the transfer credit you deserve—without these, we cannot award credit.

Transfer Credit Evaluations

Based on the transcript(s) provided, new students may view a completed initial transfer evaluation online using your RUID and PIN.  School-to-school transfers and returning students should review online transcripts for updated information.

Web Transcript at Rutgers

Once you have created your NetID at Rutgers, you will be able to access your web transcript.

Degree Navigator

Based on courses listed on your web transcript, you may access Degree Navigator, a user-friendly degree audit and academic advising system that will enable you to view your program of study. Degree Navigator will verify which courses you have completed and what courses you will need to complete your program.

Placement Testing

The Rutgers Placement Tests determine the courses that you are eligible to take in English, math, and foreign languages. Transfer students may or may not have to take placement tests—it depends whether or not you need to (or want to) take Expository writing, mathematics or foreign languages at Rutgers–New Brunswick.

SMLR will advise you on whether or not you must take one or more placement tests. Multiple test dates are offered in the fall and spring. If you have a choice of dates, we recommend that you register online as early as possible—so you can determine what courses you may register for. You should bring your RUID number, photo ID, #2 pencils, and a blue or black pen. No calculators are allowed.

Take Your Photo for your RUconnection ID card

You can take your ID pictures during placement testing dates or during the first week of classes. You can contact the RUconnection Card Office for assistance. You will need to bring a current government issued photo ID with you when getting your picture taken. If you do not have a photo ID, you can bring another two forms of identification, like a Social Security card and birth certificate. For more information, refer to the RUconnection website or call 848-445-6949.

The official photo identification card of Rutgers University is the mechanism for accessing your account(s) or privileges such as library checkout, entry to athletic events, access to recreation centers and computer labs, use of meal plans and RU Express, housing, local discounts, etc. Access to university facilities or account(s) may be denied if your account has been suspended by the university for violating the terms and conditions of use or invalid University status. If you deactivate your Rutgers University ID card, or if the card’s magnetic strip is damaged, the card will not scan.

The Rutgers University ID card is the property of Rutgers University and is nontransferable. Only the cardholder may present the Rutgers University ID card for purchases and other privileges. Rutgers University cards will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder or if the card is involved in inappropriate or illegal use. Fraudulent use of the card will result in disciplinary action or penalties.

Apply for Financial Aid

All students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid). Circumstances and economic resources can change midsemester. Even if you don’t need aid now, you may later and then you will have already completed this basic document.

Commuter Parking Permit

On-campus parking is limited; only commuters and certain resident students may have a vehicle on campus. Visit the Department of Transportation website to register your vehicle.

Pay Your Term Bill

Visit Paper term bills are no longer mailed. Students are asked to view charges and pay online at Student Accounting & Cashiering - Student Account System.


Dean Betsy Feliciano Berrios, Student Adviser at 732-932-6965 Ext. 2153 or
Professor Paula Voos, Credit Director at 848-932-1748 or