Job Development Programs

Job Development objective is to train and equip under-employed and unemployed individuals with leadership and management skills so that they can find employment and an opportunity to advance in their career path. The 2 projects that the Talent Development Center is working on are:


This program is Skills Partnership on customize Healthcare Management training program. Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) was granted approval for the NJDOL Skills4Jersey customize training grants to provide training for consortium partner employees to help upskill organization incumbent staff and continue to grow and produce quality care for the healthcare workforce in NJ.
The five course topics that were approved are:

  1. Human Resource Management (30 hours)
  2. Business Communication (30 hours)
  3. Public Health/ Health Communications (40 hours)
  4. Office Management (20 hours)
  5. Customer Service Management (20 hours)

Atlantic City Project:

Health Care Talent Network will work with NJLWD (NJ Labor and Work Force Development) and WIBs (Workforce Industry Board) to assist those who lost their jobs due to the closing of casinos in Atlantic City. We will provide sector specific information, job trends to the dislocated workers and assess their re-employability skills.

The Objectives are:

  1. Make presentations to the dislocated workers on current job trends and assess their skills
  2. Identify transferable skills and assist in finding appropriate training programs for the dislocated workers.
  3. Identify a training provider who can provide employer driven industry specific training that incorporate soft skills development and job specific skills
  4. Help employers with OJT contract to enable them to hire dislocated workers and provide on the job training.