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Blue Wolf Capital Fellows Profiles

The 2013-2014 Blue Wolf Capital Fellow

The Blue Wolf Captial Fellowship

The Blue Wolf Capital Fellowship, funded by Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC, was developed as a research fellowship to encourage studies by early-career scholars of broad and broader based profit and ownership sharing within private equity firms in the United States. 

Cabral Fellow

The 2011-2014 Joseph Cabral Fellow

Erik Olsen


Accurate Equity Fellows Profiles

The 2013-2014 Accurate Equity Fellow

Accurate Equity Fellowship

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“At Accurate Equity we believe that equity compensation is not only a necessary and strategic part ofArne Peder remuneration, but also that it drives entrepreneurship and participation in the company as well as in the community. We further believe that sharing knowledge and supporting academic research can help to better understand the different aspects of equity compensation.” 

Working Families Program

Center for Women and Work’s Working Families Program conducts quality research and education programs on public and private workplace policies and practices that affect working women and families, particularly low-wage workers. 

Contingent and Part-time Work


“Barriers or Opportunities?  The Causes of Contingent and Part-time Work Among People with Disabilities,” Industrial Relations, Vol. 42, No. 4, October 2003, pp. 589-622.  By Lisa Schur.

“Dead-end Jobs or a Path to Economic Well-being? The Consequences of Non-standard Work for People with Disabilities,” Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Vol. 20, December 2002, pp. 601-620.  By Lisa Schur.