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Ruble Fellow Profiles

The 2013-2014 Kevin Ruble Fellows

Colorado SECTORS Initiative

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The Kevin Ruble Fellowship

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“Arguably, I believe employee ownership to be the most powerful tool at our disposal in developing, in the words of Louis Kelso, “that ideal society to which America has always been dedicated and toward which it has made great progress since its beginning.”

-- Kevin E. Ruble,  President,
The Circle M Foundation

Research on Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management (HRM) faculty have produced numerous publications, including white papers, journal articles, case studies, books, reviews, abstracts, chapters, conference proceedings, surveys and literature reviews. Some of the HR areas of interest include compensation, measurement, strategy, diversity, selection, training, outsourcing, corporate governance, and virtual HR.

Electronic Student Case File (ESCF) II

Thank you for accessing the Electronic Student Case File (ESCF) II developed for COETC/TAA Grant Career Coaches by the Rutgers University Center for Women and Work.

Accessing The System

In order to gain access to the Case File system, you will need to register the student within the ESCF II system. A link to do so will be available to you on the first page of the ESCF II Form.  Please select your college from the list below to begin.

Colorado Online Energy Training Consortium Case File System (TAA Grant)

Thank you for accessing the Electronic Student Case File administered by the Evaluation Team at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

In order to gain access to the Case File system, you will need a three digit access code. This code is located on the invitation you received to access the Case File system. If you cannot locate your 3 digit access code, you may request your code be sent to you by clicking e-mail us.

Adam Blumenthal Fellows Profiles

The 2012-2013 Adam Blumenthal Fellow

Michal Goldberg, the first Adam Blumenthal Fellow, is examining the relationship between the capital structure of the firm and the level of employee ownership.  She is a Ph.D. candidate at the New York University Department of Economics.

Fidelity Fellowship Profiles

The 2013-2014 Fidelity Fellow in Equity Compensation Research

The Fidelity Fellowship in Equity Compensation Research

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The Fidelity Fellowship in Equity Compensation Research, funded by Fidelity Investments Inc., was developed as a research fellowship to encourage fundamental research by early-career scholars of broad-based equity compensation in the corporation in the United States.  Scholars conduct empirical studies of stock options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, restricted stock units, restricted stock plans, performance shares, and other methods used by corporations in order to share ownership and capital income widely with groups of employees.